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  1. AG 308-05
    How does a designated supervisor attest to accuracy and completeness of a radio run audit?
    Enter rank, name, signature and shield on lower right corner of "SPRINT Incident report Analysis"
  2. AG308-05
    how long does a designated supervisor have to report findings of a audit of radio run dispositions?
    5 working days
  3. 308-05 How many radio audits are done per month?
  4. 308-05
    What is the time entered for audits in SPRINT?
  5. 308-05
    What are the required radio incidents to be audited?
  6. 308-05
    What do you compare the incident location display pages to when auditing radio runs?
    Online Complaint Index
  7. 308-05
    Where do you write the 61# on incident location display pages?
    Next to the radio run listed
  8. 308-05
    What do you write if there were no 61's prepared for jobs?
    "See SPRINT printout"
  9. 308-05
    What factors would lead the Designated Uniform Supv to further investigate radio run audits?
    • 1)93C and no 61
    • 2)93C but details different than SPRINT
    • 3)Disposition not 93C but details suggest it should have been 61 ("Report at a later date")
  10. 308-05
    Where does the designated Uniform Supv give SPRINT and 61 copy for further investigation to?
    Immediate Supv of MOS at job
  11. How long does Immediate Supv investigator have to give back audit to designated uniform supervisor?
    5 days
  12. 308-05
    Which audits does CO identify to give to another supervisor to audit?
    The audits with the most incidents of past crimes and crimes in progress
  13. 308-05
    When does CO forward all 4 audits? to where?
    15th day following month to Borough CO
  14. 308-06
    How long must grievance complaint be filed?
    30 days after complainant becomes aware of the alleged violation
  15. 308-05 Auditing Radio Run Incidents (IO 51s 2011)How many audits per/mo. Are to be done? Which days are to be done?
    4 audits per/month, never do the same day of week in any month
  16. 308-05 Auditing Radio Run Incidents (IO 51s 2011)Regarding 308-05 auditing radio runs. What triggers an automatic investigation?
    Any assignment finalized w/�report at a later date�
  17. 308-05 Auditing Radio Run Incidents (IO 51s 2011)Who conducts the investigation regarding any discrepancies discovered during the audit? How long do they have to investigate?
    The immediate supervisor of the MOS who handled the job, give results back to designated audit supervisor w/in 5 days
  18. 309-08 Where does Harbor Unit member have a member of command concerned receipt for summonses given by Harbor?
    by writing rank, name, shield number and command in the Launch Log
  19. 309-06 Where does CO notify if a defd pleads not guilty to speedind violation?
    Highway Unit, Speedometer Testing Machine Station concerned
  20. 309-03 Where and when does Clerical Member fwd summons recap?
    To Chief of Patrol, RMS thru channels by 2nd of month
  21. 309-02 What does CO mark unserviceable summonses and where are they fwd to?
    "Cancelled" and fwd with UF 50 to issuing agency
  22. 309-02 How does assigned supv indicate inspection of summonses?
    by entering date and initials on reverse side of certification
  23. 309-02 How is number of summons packets and sumonses therein to be inspected by assigned supv determined?
    It's the perogative of the CO
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