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  1. 303-02 How long before a normal tour can a TS, Patrol Wagon Op, and Attendant star their tour?
    30 Minutes or in exceptional cases 45 minutes
  2. 303-06 In what order does CO establish a list of school crossings?
    In priority order of most hazardous crossing
  3. 303-07 Where does an MOS receiving a request for "Play Street" forward it to ?
    CO Youth Services Section
  4. 303-09 Who gives final approval for replacements of community Affairs Officers and Youth Officers?
    Chief of Patrol
  5. 303-11 Who should the CO have review and evaluate self inspections prepared? How?
    • 1)Ops coordinator, ICO, and Principal Admin Aide
    • 2) By conducting parallel inspections
  6. 303-12 When must Supv MOS inspect Cmd facilities including lockers, locker rooms, dorms, record rooms, and offices and other areas?
    After platoon has been posted and relieved members have left
  7. 303-24 How often does the CO submit report to Chief of Community Affairs regarding Block Watcher Program?
  8. 303-07 Where does a MOS receiving a request for "play streets" forward request to?
    CO Youth Services
  9. 203-07
    Who can approve beards for all UMOS?
    • 1)Chief Surgeon and CO Medical Division
    • 2)DCEEO
    • 3)Nature of assignment by CO
  10. 303-18 When can a CMOS live in the command they work in?
    If they did prior to July 29, 2009
  11. 304-07
    Who does CO give excusal preference to regarding sponsored events by Department religious line or fraternal organizations?
    • 1)Trustees, board members, delegates or organization
    • 2)Members of organization according to seniority
    • 3)Other members
  12. 304-05 What MOS are authorized to carry Department business cards?
    • 1) Above Rank of Sergeant
    • 2)Supv and Investigator assigned to Det Bureau, Intell Div, IAB & Inv Units
    • 3)Community Policing Sergeants
    • 4)Dept Attorney's
    • 5)selected members of staff for PC, Dep Comm's, Chief of Dept or Bureau Chief that have frequent contact with public
    • 6) Civilian Managers (Admin Staff Analysts)
  13. 305-05 When will the authorization to use business cards be revoked automatically?
    • 1) Upon transfer or
    • 2) Change in Assignment
  14. 304-07 When must CO submit report with #'s and names of command members excused and the # of members available regarding Depart functions? to Who?
    Not later than 5 days prior to function , to borough CO
  15. 305-06 By what date must the CO endorse and fwd copy of the "Handgun Computer Printout" to CO Firearms and Tactics Section? What is indicated on it?
    1) By January 15th 2) Inspection of all listed weapons 3) If no changes, so state
  16. 304-01 When can you make collect calls, person to person, or 3rd party calls to or from Department number?
    Extreme emergency
  17. 304-01 Where do you call for telephone repairs?
    • Business hrs 0600-1800-Communications Division Telephone Operations repair Desk
    • Off Hours-Comminucatins Section Platoon Commander
  18. 304-07 Regarding Events sponsored by Department religious, line or fraternal organizations what MOS may be excused from duty after purchasing tickets?
    if you work on day of function from 0100-0800 hrs then excused at 0600 hrs

    if you work on day of function from 0800 to 1600 then excused unless an emergency
  19. AG 304-06 When does CO prepare ranking officer vacation schedules?
  20. 304-06
    What Lieutenants pick separately from other Lieutenants for vacation pick?
    ICO and Ops Coordinator
  21. 304-01
    Who gets priority for TS assignment?
    Restricted Duty
  22. 310-03 Designation of Location for Questioning Juveniles When A CO wants to designate or change an existing room for the questioning of juveniles who do they forward their request to?
    CO CJB thru channels
  23. 310-05 Review of Arrest Folders CO will review arrest folders for omissions, improper presentation of facts & other discrepancies & will personal investigate & take action when?
    Discrepancies are found or charge is reduced
  24. 310-03 What steps of review of arrest folders cannot be delegated?
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