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  1. AG 318-08 If UMOS is dismissed from Dept where will the CO forward a report of facts?
    EMD and property clerk
  2. AG 319-19 CO can recommend termination for CMOS before issuing CD or Charges unless CMOS is what 2 things?
    Veteran of military or Volunteer fireman
  3. 318-11 By when must a ranking officer conducting an investigation of civilian complaint contact complainant or document reason if contact not possible?
    Within 5 days of receiving investigation
  4. 318-03 Who does CO advise of the approval of a disposition of disciplinary charges and specs involving an MOS?
    MOS concerned and MOS's timekeeper
  5. 318-06 Who can approve a civilian complainant to view photographs of MOS as a preliminary procedure when a large group is involved or other unusual circumstances exist?
    Chief of Department
  6. 318-09 By when must CO of MOS on dismissal probation submit "Uniform/Civilian Dismissal Probation Performance Profile"?
    15th of each month (for the prior month during the team dismissal probation)
  7. 318-12 When member is sick for a 2nd time within a 12 month period what absence records must CO or Ops Coordinator review?
    For previous 24 month and any other relevant data
  8. 318-12 Who does the CO of Patrol Cmd's designate to conduct return from sick interviews?
    Platoon Commander Concerned
  9. 318-16 What does an "X" entered on calendar portion of the absence and tardiness record indicate?
    A MOS's last and next RDO's immediately prior and subsequent to an unscheduled leave
  10. 319-03 Where does CO report change of assignment for school crossing guards?
    Patrol Borough Commander and Personnel Bureau, Employment Section
  11. 319-04 Where does CO forward approval or disapproval for school crossing guard transfer request?
    Personnel Officer, Patrol Services
  12. 319-06 How does CO file School Crossing Guards memo pad?
    File pad alphabetically by School Crossing guards name
  13. 319-10 Within how many days does CO/Supv head render a decision when a CMOS submits a leave of absence report?
    7 days
  14. 319-10 What are the exceptions to CO/Supv head rendering a decision regarding CMOS leave of absence request?
    1) cannot be approved at local level, 2) request's during summer peak period, 3) a schedule has been established for submission and approval of leave requests
  15. 319-10 Who can rescind an approval of leave of absence reports for CMOS?
    Chief of Personnel or in emergency Chief of Dept
  16. 319-10 What are considered excused lateness for CMOS?
    1) Major failure of public transportation, 2) widespread power failure, 3) or other reason of similar severity
  17. 319-12 What are some reasons a CO/Supv head can grant leave with pay , without charge to sick leave or annual leave?
    1) attend court under subpoena or court order and not for MOS or relative personal interest, 2) Affected by Health dept quarantine, 3) attending a NYC civil service exam, interveiw or investigatin for Dept position, 4) attendance to state or national conventions for vets or vol. firefighters as a delegate or alternate, 5) Org reps negotiating and appearing before city council, DCAS, Appeals boards
  18. 319-13 When can civilians be assigned to work legal holidays by CO/Supv head?
    Essential work and prior approval in writing from Office of Chief of Dept
  19. 319-14 When can CO Supv head have sick CMOS notified by phone or by RMP?
    If CMOS is delinquent in complying with 1)notifying CO every 5 working days while on sick report or 2) having Dr furnish note after 12 working days and every 30 calendar days thereafter and submit to CO
  20. 319-14 What should CO do if CMOS on sick cannot be notified while on sick by phone or RMP (for only those instances where CMOS must be notified)?
    Have registered letter fwd to member, return receipt requested
  21. 319-14 After how many consecutive work days should CO prepare 49 requesting a CMOS termination if they fail to communicate with CO while on sick?
    20 consecutive work days after being notified of delinquency
  22. 319-15 When CMOS is injured where does CO notify immediately and fwd copies of all reports to within 24 hrs of phone notification?
    Employee Benefits Unit
  23. 319-22 What must CO have MOS subpoenaed for jury duty sign?
    A statement saying "I have been informed of and understand my obligation to remit to the City of NY any monies received by me for services to as a juror"
  24. 319-22 When must CO direct payroll clerk to send a reminder to a CMOS of the amount of payment they must refund the City when no payment has been received?
    After a period of 12 weeks since completion of jury duty
  25. 319-22 If remittance of jury duty money to City by Cmos was not paid by 14 weeks after last day of jury duty what will wake place?
    Annual leave balance will be reduced by appropriate # of days, if insufficient leave balance advise member that amount due will be deducted from paycheck
  26. 319-22 When does ICo audit absence and tardiness records to ensure compliance with CMOS remitting jury duty $?
    Each July
  27. 319-22 When is a CMOS expected to report to work if a jury session ends earlier than the end of the members regular scheduled work day?
    Provided that at least 1 hr of the members regular scheduled work day remains committed after the members return to work
  28. 319-23 When does CO delete word "application" and insert "Notice" in title of off duty employment form for CMOS?
    For all employment other than employment as an attorney
  29. 319-27 Where does CO fwd (thru channels) a written request for authorization of CMOS O/T?
    PC, 1st Dep or Chief of Dept as appropriate
  30. 319-28 How is CMOS compensated for voluntary and involuntary OT when called from home?
    • voluntary: in time
    • involuntary: in cash
    • (min 4 hrs no matter how long they worked)
  31. 319-28 When must CO have CMOS's immediate supv notify CMOS of amount of leave deducted for unexcused lateness?
    Within 2 days of the unexcused lateness
  32. 319-29 How often is a civilian absence-stepping report prepared and signed by member assigned?
  33. 318-09 What does CO assign a UMOS on dismissal probation to if possible?
    Enforcement Duties
  34. 318-09 When does CO send UMOS/CMOS dismissal probation profile to performance monitoring unit?
    15th each month
  35. 318-09 Where does CO notify and send 49 describing negative performance of UMOS on dismissal probation?
    • Notify: Performance Montoring Unit
    • 49 Direct: CO, Performance Analysis Unit
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