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  1. 212 Who is the investigative supervisor for a) cop on cop b)other agency, c) media confrontation?
    • a) cop on cop: Duty Capt
    • b) Other Agency: Duty Capt
    • c) Media: Platoon Commander
  2. 212-23 Who ensures that any transit post not previously inspected during previous 24 hrs is inspected ASAP?
    1st Plt District DO
  3. OO21s97 212
    How long does the PS have to request to designate a laser location a "Hazardous location"?
    90 days
  4. 212-29 Who does the DO notify without waiting for details when there is a UMOS firearms discharge on or off duty
    • CO/XO
    • Operations
    • Patrol Borough
    • *If injury result of firearm must notify IAB Action Desk
  5. 212-37 When are we allowed to let people that are not properly trained or equipped to handle Hazmat into frozen areas?
    When absolutely necessary to save life or prevent serious injury
  6. 212-17 Who establishes police/fire lines and establish a Command Post at the scene of a critical situation in transit?
    Police Officer
  7. 212-18 What are the severity rules that the PS can use to determine if there should be a more thorough search of tracks?
    • 1) Perp used force or threatened deadly physical force
    • 2) Perp caused SPI
    • 3) Perp is armed with a deadly weapon
  8. 212-4 When is Crime Scene requested?
    • HARBOR
    • Homicide
    • Assault and Likely to die with a dangerous instrument
    • Rape (Forcible)
    • Burg (Force Safe or Circ. alarm)
    • Other
    • Robbery or hijacking with injury caused by firearm
  9. 212-19 What is done to a person on transit system observed with an animal that is not exempt on the transit system?
    Eject person and issue appropriate summons (C summons ro TAB)
  10. 212-19 When do you notify P/S of a stray dog on transit?
    If its on the roadbed
  11. 212-24 What must the PS notify operations with when there is a removal of power in the subway?
    The times of the request to remove power and when power is restored
  12. 212-64 What are vehicle check points OK for?`
    • 1. Vehicle safety
    • 2. dwi
    • 3. Emergency
    • + TRIPP program veh
  13. 212-13 What is the appropriate designated gang code on the Complaint report for Gang motivated and Gang related incidents in a) Patrol, b) Transit, c) Housing?
    • a) Patrol: 30 motivated/31 related
    • b)Transit: 40 motivated/41 related
    • c)Housing: 50 motivated/51 related
  14. 212-24 What are some considerations to be taken when deciding to remove power in the subway?
    • Time of DAT (rush hr)
    • Weather (extreme heat)
    • Type of station (elevated)
    • Loc of train
    • extent of injuries in aided cases
    • Risk to public if crime involved
  15. 212-19 Who does a UMOS notify if there is a stray dog on the transit system?
    Radio Dispatcher
  16. 212-39 Who should the PS of precinct originating pursuit forward vehicle pursuit report to ?
    CO pct originating pursuit
  17. 212-05 What are some crimes that would be considered serious crime or incident on the transit system that would require the PS to determine weather or not train service would be effected?
    • Homicide
    • Fel Assault and likely
    • PO shot or serious injury
    • Firearm discharge by PO with injury
  18. 212-53 Whodoes DO notify if a perp dies or sustains serious injury in connection with a police activity?
    • IAB
    • CO/Duty Capt
    • Operations
    • Boro
    • Squad
    • Squad Boro
  19. 212-29 If an accidental discharge claimed where will the firearm be delivered?
    outdoor range for exam by the Department gunsmith
  20. 212-09 If an unusual Occ report is prepared for a death of a person while in police custody or death/serious injury to a person in connection with police activity or death/injury from police firearm discharged where is it forwarded to?
  21. 212-29 Who prepared the FDAR if MOS concerned is unable to?
  22. 212 Who should the supervisor contact if a UMOS is threatened?
    • Precinct Co/Duty Capt
    • PDS
    • Intel Division threat Assessment
  23. 212-34 Who should MOS report facts to for a PPO/Police eligible or civilian MOS are involved in a police incident?
  24. 212-11 When should the PS be requested to a scene of a Stop Question and Frisk report?
    When ID is refused by person stopped
  25. 212-64 Who's responsibility is it to maintain CO's established procedures at a vehicle checkpoint?
    Point man
  26. 212-64 How many RMP's are needed for checkpoint? How long can a checkpoint be conducted?
    2 RMP's , not to exceed 2 hrs
  27. 212-38 How many shooters and how many "radio" men does Sgt designate at a scene of a hostage or barricaded perp?
    • 1 or more shooters
    • 1 radio man
  28. 212-38
    a) Who calls HNT at scene of a Hostage or Barricaded perp?
    b) Who calls HNT for an EDP?
    • a)Cop
    • b)Sgt
  29. 212-32 Who must DO notify regarding off duty incidents involving UMOS?
    CO/Duty Capt , IAB Command Center
  30. 212-11 To where is the original and copies of a UF 250 forwarded to?
    • Original: Criminal Record Section
    • Copy: Precinct Binder
    • Copy:Detective Squad
  31. 212-43 When does Patrol Sergeant and DO call Capt or CO in regards to residential vacate order?
    Sgt call Capt: doubt regarding validity of order, large # of relocations, occupant refusal, sensitive location

    DO tell CO: Conditions require patrol coverage
  32. 212-33 Who should challenging officer request to a cop vs cop confrontation?
    • PS
    • Supv of on Duty member
  33. 212-04 How does the PS request the crime scene unit?
    Direct by phone
  34. 212 If a UMOS is off duty at the time of a threat who should the supervisor direct the member to contact?
    • Squad concerned ASAP
    • Intell Div Ops
  35. 212-16 Who does the MOS at the scene of a transit system evacuation notify?
    • PS
    • and
    • Duty Capt
  36. 212 When should PS have Sanitation clean up and dispose substances at a hazmat scene?
    For substances other than liquid which have been rendered safe
  37. 212-33 If cop on cop confrontation happens in SH where should everyone report?
    CO's office
  38. 212-15 Who should PS confer with to determine if a search warrant should be obtained or complaint report made or Intell notified regarding a LoJack hit on private property? If they are unavailable?
    Auto crime, and if unavailable PDS
  39. 212-39 For what type of confrontation do we not speak to 3rd party witnesses?
    UMOS on UMOS
  40. 212-13 Where does the Youth Officer send notification to when a gang member involved is <16 yrs old?
    Youth Processing Unit
  41. 212-17 Who reports to Duty Capt all details at a scene of Transit fires, floods, derailment etc?
    UMOS on post
  42. IO28 212 If a suspected terrorist is arrested by UMOS in field after confirming info with Intell via MDT who does PS notify?
    • DO
    • FIO, Boro Intell team if nec.
    • PDS if FIO not available
  43. 212-37 Who does UMOS request the response of at a scene of hazardous material?
    • PS
    • ESU Supervisor
    • Highway MCSU
  44. 212-35 If a confrontation with other enforcement agency happens, who besides the CO/Duty Capt must the DO notify if...a) DOT?
    b)Highway Inspection/Quality Ins Inspection
    c)Sanitation Enforcement Personnel?
    • a) DOT: Dept of Transportation Central Comm
    • b)Highway Inspection/Quality Ins Inspection: Dept of transportation Central Comm
    • c)Sanitation Enforcement HQ Division (Sanitation Ops if closed)
  45. 212-03 Where does the DO note dismissal of a 4th platoon UMOS notified for court next day?
    • Command Log
    • Roll Call
    • Sign out sheet
  46. 212-02 What does the PS notify the radio dispatcher concerning meal?
    When commencing meal period
  47. 212 Who conducts roll call and who inspects?
    • DO: roll call
    • PS and Plt Cmder : Inspect
  48. 212012 IO 30
    When a CMOS is reporting suspected terrorist activity where is the Intell Division log # and name of person notified recorded?
    Command Log
  49. 212-12 IO 30 When notifying Intell with information where are the log # and name of person notified recorded?
  50. 212-19 Who do you notify if there is a stray animal other then a dog on the Transit system?
    Comm. Div , transit Communications Unit
  51. 212-24 Who does the PS confer with at scene regarding the restoration of power?
    NYC Transit Supervisor
  52. 212-01 When does roll call take place?
    5 minutes after tour starts
  53. 212-09 If a UMOS discharged a firearm which results in death or injury or UMOS involved in any other conduct which results in death of another, how long must the UMOS be assigned to Patrol Borough?
    3 consecutive scheduled tours
  54. 212-49 What incidents are the pre-printed unusual occurrence reports not used for?
    • FLIP D
    • Firearm Discharge by MOS
    • Labor Coalition
    • Inappropriate by CO/Duty Capt
    • Prisoner Unusuals
    • Diplomatic Incidents
  55. IO 28.04 Who does DO notify when a MOS is holding a suspected terrorist in the field?
    • Borough/Bureau Counterterrorism coordinator
    • Your Borough Wheel
  56. 212-13 In a gang motivated/related incident and a def'd is released from custody or posts bail who must be notified?
    Gang Intell and Complaintant
  57. O/O 21s97 212 Who must MOS notify and what phrase must be used when a laser bean directed at an MOS?
    Notify Communications and use the phrase "Laser alert"
  58. 212-13 Who must UMOS notify when they arrest a gang member for any offense, or possible gang related/motivated incident?
    Intells Ops Desk
  59. IO 37s04 When may seatbelts be removed?
    Only when "Involved" in what appears to be a dangerous tactical situation
  60. IO 25s.05 Who does the PS report
    a)vandalism of seatbelts to?
    b)serious deficiencies?
    c)Defects inconsistent with normal usage?
    d)Improper use?
    • a)vandalism: IAB
    • b)serious deficiencies: tell Plt. Cmd in absence tell CO
    • c)Defects: take Action
    • d)Improper use: Be vigilant, take appropriate action
  61. IO 15-1s03 Who can activate the interoperable channel?
    Communications Section Platoon Commander
  62. 212-08 What is the proper sequence for a supervisor to sign A/L?
    Date, Time Rank, Signature, Comment
  63. 212-37
    What are the frozen areas for a )Hazmat spills and b)explosion/Fire indoors?
    • Indoors: a)Room located
    • b)All rooms where person may be exposed
  64. 212-21 What actions should be taken if a MOS observes a photographer creating a hazard or using ancillary equipment (and not press)?
    • Warn person first order to stop
    • (If they dont stop issue TAB, C-Summons, eject, arrest)
  65. 212-08 Where does a supervisor at a transfer command and at original command sign a transferred UMOS A/L record?
    • Original: Distribution record under remarks (old command)
    • transfer: Rear of Distribution record in new command
  66. 212-29 When does a PS secure all weapons fired at the scene of a firearm discharge scene?
    When there is an injury
  67. 212 IO 71s 2009 Who does the Patrol Supervisor Confer with on a crime scene affecting NYC Transit Service?
    Ranking Det Bureau personnel
  68. 212-09 Where does CO report results of investigation on typed letterhead to, for unusual occurrence reports?
    Chief of Patrol
  69. 212-11 Where is tracking # for a SQF entered by DO/Supv in other than patrol pct (not a SQF#)?
    Upper right hand corner of SQF
  70. IO24s.2008 Where should statement "possibly gang related" be entered on 61 for reporting gang-related criminal activity?
    In caption which reads "Detective Squad case number"
  71. 212-14 How often does Traffic Stafety Officer forward copies of Traffic Intell report to borough traffic safety coordinator?
  72. 212-14 If traffic Intell report concerns engineering recommendations where is a copy of report forward to?
    DOT boro Commissioners Office
  73. 212-14 Where is the date/time/person notified at DOT boro commissioners office for notification of a Traffic Intell report concerning engineering indicated?
    On traffic Intell Report
  74. 212-14 When does Ops Coord ensure the weekly street conditions survey is reviewed and appropriate agencies/members notified?
  75. 212-15 By when does the CO ensure the LoJack Monthly report is forwarded? to who?
    3rd day of month to Chief of Patrol thru channels
  76. 212-16 Where does Duty Capt immediately contact for emergency evacuation of the NYC transit system?
    NYCT Rapid Transit Ops Command Center via radio
  77. 212-17 Who's permission is needed to remove sick/injured FDNY personnel?
    Fire officer in Charge
  78. 212-17 Under what circumstances do we not remove persons from under train?
    Deceased and Possibly victim of a crime
  79. 212-18 When does TD CO/Pct CO or Duty Capt have Transit Borough Commander/Duty Insp and Patrol Borough Commander/Duty Chief notified to respond to a track search on NYC Transit tracks?
    In a verified situation where armed/dangerous persons are on NYC Transit tracks
  80. 212-18 Where must TD/Pct CO or Duty Capt keep informed of all conditions, including when track area is clear for resumption of normal service?
    Rapid Transit Ops Command Center Desk Superintendent
  81. 212-22 How often should UMOS signal TD if there is a malfunction of TB radio network?
  82. 212-22 How often should UMOS attempt to contact the radio dispatcher via Transit VH radio?
    Every half hour
  83. 212-26 Who maintains liaison with executive members of the NYCHA to ensure coordination efforts are made in effort to suppress NYCHA crime?
    PSA CO
  84. 212-29 When does CO conduct informal interview of UMOS concerned with re: a firearms discharge by UMOS?
    After initial investigation is completed
  85. 212-29 When should CO conduct a follow-up interview of UMOS involved in a firearms discharge?
    within 24-48 hrs
  86. 212-02 Where does CO of outside detail submit a written communication detailing actual exigents that did not allow for a meal at a detail? Who makes final determination as to if meal time can be compensated at end of OT for straight pay (not OT)?
    Office of Labor Relations, the PC makes final determination
  87. 212-0 Where does precinct CO send 49 designating an out of precinct meal location?
    Borough CO
  88. 212-03 Who designates an RMP relief area?
  89. 212-04/05 IO70 Whoes duty is it to utilize crime scene tape? What if it effects train service?
    UMOS, P/S if it effects train service
  90. 212-04 If PS cannot respond to a scene requiring Crime Scene Unit who may request them?
    Detective on scene
  91. 212-04 If no landline available how can P/S notify Crime Scene Unit to respond?
    through dispatcher
  92. 212-05 When can you not move train involved in a crime scene?
    • Blood trail between train to platform
    • Shot in/out of train
    • Ejected rounds
    • Photos that can prove/disprove eyewitness
    • Will jeopardize admissability of physical evidence
  93. 212-10 What is CO frequently reviewing the Interrupted Patrol Log for?
    Determine if stops in command are necessary and being expedited
  94. 212-11 When should a person be frisked during a stop?
    If you reasonably suspect you or others are in danger of PI
  95. IO32s08 For all Intell terrorist inquiries who does DO notify?
    • Boro/Bureau Counter Terrorism Coordinator
    • Your Borough wheel
    • Send papers via Department mail to CO CIS
  96. 212-108 What are the 4 codes when name check comes back with an NCIC hit for being in violent gang and terrorist organization file?
    • Code 1: Arrest
    • Code 2: Detain
    • Code 3: Investigate/May be terrorist
    • Code 4: Info gathering/May be terrorist
  97. 212-108 Who notifies Intells Ops Unit supervisor via phone If you get a positive hit with NCIC for violent gang/terrorist organization file?
  98. 212-108 If no NCIC hit where does UMOS immediately call?
    Intells Ops Unit Supervisor for further checks and access FBI's Counter Terrorism Watch List
  99. 212-29 Where does CO of MOS send brief report for firearms discharge at NYPD Firearms Safety Station?
    CO FTS
  100. 212-29 Who is shooting team leader?
    CO Boro Insp or Capt designated by Borough command and approved by Chief of Dept
  101. 212-29 Who is investigating officer if no injury for UMOS firearms discharge?
    Shooting team leader if working. If not CO/XO precinct of occurrence or Duty Capt or CO TD/PSA of occurrence if CO on duty and its one of their UMOS and happens with in their command
  102. 212-29 Who is Investigating supervisor for firearms discharge by UMOS and an injury to anyone?
    Shooting team leader on or off duty, CO pct of Occurrence or Duty Capt begins until Shooting Team Leader shows up
  103. 212-29 If UMOS involved in firearms discharge from multiple Bureaus who investigates?
    Patrol Duty Captain
  104. 212-29 Who does Investigating Officer confer with before interviewing UMOS?
  105. 212-29 If an injury to UMOS firearms discharge who delivers all weapons fired to FAS?
    Borough Investigations
  106. 212-29 What is included in initial UMOS firearms discharge 49 to Chief of Department?
    • 1) Weather discharge was within or outside Dept guidelines
    • 2) If investigation completed
    • 3) Findings/recommendations
    • 4) Temporary borough assignments
  107. 212-29 What does CO/XO observe when conducting informal interview with UMOS involved in firearms discharge?
    Observe members Post Trauma Reaction
  108. 212-29 Who does Final and interim reports for firearms discharge?
    • CO Borough Investigation if initial report done by Shooting Team Leader
    • CO Pct of Occurrence if initial report done by non Shooting Team Leader
  109. 212-29 Within how long does CO Borough Investigations/Co PCt of occurrence have to prepare final report for UMOS Firearms discharge? Where does original go to ?
    90 days, original to Chief of Department, IRS
  110. IO 52s07 When is it not prudent to ingest alcohol before tour?
    Up to 4 hrs to start of tour
  111. 212-32 IO 6s2011 How many points is a "UMOS that is a victim to bullet wound" on member's CPI?
  112. 212-34 Who must CO or Investigative Unit Commander confer with before forwarding recommendation of PPO or CMOS for termination or decertification or someone on probation , in any rank/title for extension of probation?
    CO Performance Analysis Section
  113. 212-53 Who does CO/Duty Captain /Shooting Team Leader confer with when a person dies or sustains a serious injury in connection with Police Activity?
    IAB Duty Captain
  114. 212-33 Who does Co of precinct of occurrence, in confrontation situation confer with to conduct a joint investigation?
    CO's of both on and off duty UMOS
  115. 212-33 Where does CO preparing report for confrontation situation telephone facts to?
  116. 212-49 Who notifies DCPI in any incidents with media?
    Supervisory Officer
  117. 212-49 Where does Platoon Commander/CO/Duty Capt forward 49 to for confrontation with media?
    • Chief of Patrol/Bureau Chief, Borough Commander
    • CO, Public Info Div
    • Command File
  118. 212-39 Where does CO, Pct of origin of vehicle pursuit, after reviewing and endorsing P/S report, forward it to?
    • CO Personnel Safety Desk (original and copy)
    • Borough safety officer
    • CO member involved and attach CD if prepared
  119. 212-37 What is the minimal distance for any spill? fire? explosion? Fire involving Military Shipment or Tanker Truck?
    • Spill & Fire : 300 ft
    • Explosion & Fire involving Military shipment/tanker truck: 1000 ft
  120. 212-37 Where does P/S notify if a Hazmat scene is contaminated with radiation?
    NYC Dept of Health
  121. 212-37 How is a mobile decontamination vehicle requested by on scene coordinator?
    Through Operations
  122. 212-37 With what agency's does the on scene coordinator at a hazmat location coordinate with to prevent Hazmat from entering sewer system?
    Fire Dept , DEP, Dept of Sanitation
  123. 212-37 What does CO precinct of occurrence of hazmat scene have transcript made of?
    Command post log entries
  124. 212-37 Where does CO precinct of occurrence of hazmat scene send a 49 with transcript of command post log?
    CO Police Lab
  125. 212-102 Where does Platoon Commander/PS notify for all radiation detection pager alarms?
    • Lower Manhattan Security Command Center
    • LMSCC
  126. 212-102 Where does Platoon Commander/ Patrol Supervisor notify for hostile radiation detection alarms?
    Intell Div, WMD Desk
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