12 examination positions

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  1. standing up facing fwd arms at sides palms facing fwd [allows inspection of posture]
  2. sitting w/ legs hanging down body at 90% angle [exam for head, neck & chest]
    High Fowlers
  3. lie on back, face up [ exam for breast & abdomen]
  4. lie on stomach w/ head turned to one side [exam for spine & back]
    Prone Position
  5. chests & knees places flat against the table with knees seperated [exam for anus & rectum]
    Knee - chest
  6. lying on left side w/ left leg slightly flexed & right leg sharply flexed upward [exam for anus & rectum]
    Sim's Position
  7. resting against the back of table that is lowered to 30-45 degrees
  8. sits at end of table & lies back legs supported in stirrups hips moved to end of table [exam for gynos & rectal exams]
    Lethotomy Position
  9. lies flat on table & bottom of both feet flat on table w/ knees flexed [exam for gyno or rectal]
    Dorsal Recumbent
  10. lies on the table & end of table is raised so the feet are higher than the head [exam for patients w/ trauma, low BP, & certain abdominal procedures]
  11. lay on table head & feet raised [exam for rectal & anus exams]
  12. lay on stomach bent over table [rectal & anus exams]
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