principles of management ch. 7 part 2

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  1. A discussion between a manager and an employee about the employee's dismissal
    termination interview
  2. When a seemingly neutral employment practice has a disproportionately negative effect on a protected group.
    adverse impact
  3. Teaching lower - level employees how to perform their present jobs.
  4. Teaching managers nd professional employees broad skills needed for their present and future jobs.
  5. An analysis identifying the jobs, people, and departments for which training is necessary.
    needs assessment
  6. Training designed to introduce new employees to the company and familiarize them with policies , procedures, culture, and the like.
    orientation training
  7. Training that provides employees with the skills and perspectives they need to collaborate with others.
    team training
  8. Programs that focus on identifying and reducing hidden biases against people with differences and developing the skills needed to manage a diversified workforce.
    diversity training
  9. Assessment of an employee's job performance.
    performance appraisal

  10. A process in which objectives set by a subordinate and a supervisor must be reached within a given time period.
    management by objectives (MBO)
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