Principles of Management Ch. 8

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  1. Managing a culturally diverse workforce by recognizing the charcteristics common to specific groups of employees while dealing with such employees as individuals and supporting, nurturing, and utilizing their differences to the organization's advantage.
    managing diversity
  2. Metaphor for an invisible barrier that makes it difficul for women and minorities to rise above a certain level in the organization.
    glass ceiling
  3. Conduct of a sexual nature that has negative consequences for employment.
    sexual harassment
  4. Special efforts to recruit and hire qualified members of groups that have been discriminated against in the past.
    affirmative action
  5. An organization that ahs a low degree of structural integration - employing few women, minorities, or other groups that differ from the majority - and thus has a highly homogeneous employee population.
    monolithic organization
  6. An organization that has a relatively divese employee population and makes an effort to involve employees from different gender, racial, or cultural backgrounds.
    plualistic organization
  7. An organization that values cultural diversity and seeks to utilize and encourage it.
    multicultural organization
  8. Higher - level managers who help ensure that high-potential people are introduced to top management and socialized into the nrms and values of the organization.
  9. Parent - company nationals who are sent to work at a foreign subsidiary.
  10. Natives of the country where an overseas subsidary is located.
    host-country nationals
  11. A foreign national brought in to work at the parent company.
  12. The tendency to judge others by the standards of one's group or culture, which are seen as superior.
  13. The disorientation and stress associated with being in a foreign environment.
    culture shock
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