Principles of Management Ch. 9 part 1

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  1. A mental image of a possible and desirable future state of the organization.
  2. Behavior that provides guidance, suport, and corrective feedback for day - to - day activities.
    supervisory leadership
  3. Behavior that gives purpose and meaning to organization, envisioning and creating a positive future.
    strategic leadership
  4. The ability to influence others.
  5. A leadership perspective tht attempts to determine the personal characteristics that great leader share.
    trait approach
  6. A leadership perspective that attempts to identify whatgood leaders do - that is, what behaviors they exhibit.
    behavioral approach
  7. Actions taken to ensure that the work group or organization reaches its goals.
    task performance behaviors
  8. Actions taken to ensure the satisfaction of group members, develop and maintain harmonious work relationships, and preserve the social stability of the group.
    group maintenance behaviors
  9. Highlights the importance of leader behaviors not just toward the group as a whole but toward individuals on a personal basis.
    leader - member exchange (LMX) theory
  10. A form of leadership in which the leader makes decisions on his or her own and then anounces those decisions to the group.
    autocratic leadership
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