history 15.3

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  1. Mexico, __________ America, and the West _________ are often called _________ America because they lie between the US and South America.
    Central, Indies, Middle
  2. Canada and the United States are called ______-_________, because English is the main language of these countries.
  3. The part of the New World that lies south of the United States is called ______ _______.
    Latin America
  4. The part of the New World that lies south of the US is called Latin America because _______ and other languages developed from Latin are the main tongue of most nations there today.
  5. There are many factors that distinguish Latin America from Anglo-America. For example, _________ ______ is the main religion in Latin America, while __________ prevails in Canada and the United States.
    Roman Catholicism, Protestantism
  6. _______, the souther neighbor of the United States, was first inhabited by Indian tribes.
  7. A nomadic tribe from the south, had come to power. The early ________ settled in central and southern Mexico in an area called the Valley of Mexico.
  8. By the 1400's, the Aztecs had established a powerful empire with a magnificent capital, ________ on the site where Mexico City stands today.
  9. The Aztecs had no alphabet, but they invented _____ and _______ for their words.
    pictures and symbols
  10. Spanish explorers discovered Mexico in _____.
  11. The Spanish explorer _________ _________ sailed to Mexico in 1519 to find gold and silver.
    Hernando Cortes
  12. The Aztec emperor who gave Cortes and his men gifts of gold and silver
  13. Shaped like a cornucopia with two large peninsulas
  14. Mexico's two large peninsulas
    Baja California and the Yucatan Peninsula
  15. The ______ _______ ("Great River") forms part of this border.
    Rio Grande
  16. Near the southern end of Mexico, the ________ of __________ is only 137 miles wide. This narrow isthmus separates the Gulf of _______ from the ________ ______.
    Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico, Pacific Ocean
  17. One of the most mountainous countries in the world
  18. The ________ ________ _________ or western mountain range, includes some of Mexico's most rugged land.
    Sierra Madre Occidental
  19. Eastern mountain range
    Sierra Madre Oriental
  20. Lies between the mountain ranges and is where most of Mexico's people live.
    Mexican Plateau
  21. Mexico's capital
    Mexico city
  22. Northern half of Mexico is mostly _______. Here, the ___________ Desert, the ____________ Desert cover a lot of the land
    desert, Chihuahuan, Sonoran
  23. In the _____, especially along the Caribbean coastal plain, there are lush ______ _______ filled with some of the most colorful brids in the world.
    south, tropical jungles
  24. Mexico leads the world in the mining and producing of _____.
  25. one of Mexcio's greatest natural resources.
  26. There are more than 1,000 kinds of ______ plants in Mexico's deserts.
  27. The ________ "little candle" is a desert plant which looks like a candle and has many thin, pencil-like stems that are coated with wax that helps conserve its moisture.
  28. The people of Mexico are of three main groups: ________, ________ and _______.
    Indians, Europeans, mestizos
  29. a mixture of Indian and European ancestry.
  30. The capital of Mexico and third largest city in the world.
    mexico city
  31. a nap
  32. tall hat with a wide brim
  33. very popular in mexico.
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