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  1. boisdale rest e14
    south collonade
  2. citigroup bank
    canada sq (south side)
  3. blair street
    abbott road
  4. south quay dlr
    marsh wall
  5. travelodge docklands hotel
    corriander ave -saffron ave/ rosemary drive/ corriander ave sdor
  6. lantern studio theatre
    millharbour - marshwall/ mastermaker road/ lightermans road/ millharbour
  7. gt. eastern enterprize centre
    millharbour - marshwall/ mastermaker road/ lightermans road/ millharbour
  8. lanark sq
    selsden way - off east ferry road/ limeharbour
  9. lotus floating restaurant
  10. baltimore wharf
    limeharbour sdor s bound
  11. millharbour
    millharbour - marshwall/ mastermaker road/ lightermans road/ l/r millharbour
  12. pan peninsula
    millharbour - marshwall/ mastermaker road/ lightermans road/ millharbour
  13. financial services authority
    north collonade- sdol - lol f,r,& r canada sq to t/a
  14. chinese school on sunday- chun yee society
    birchfield st - l only into e. india dock rd/ can left or right in and sdor
  15. roy square
    narrow street - next to seagull statue
  16. pasha restaurant
    wapping high street
  17. john scurr house
    ratcliff lane - sdol in from branch road (can only get from branch road)
  18. grange tower bridge hotel
    prescott street - in from leman st
  19. steels lane health centre ~(old east end maternity hosp)
    commercial road -sdol w bound just past devonport st
  20. smollenskys rest e14
    south collonade
  21. royal mint st
    in only from mansell street/ out onto leman/ dock st
  22. lloyds chambers
    portsoken street - in from mansell st/ out onto l minories or f crosswall
  23. city tower
    basinghall avenue
  24. city gold
    coleman street - bottom end sdol in
  25. girdlers hall
    basinghall avenue
  26. anthologist pub
    gresham street - next to ironmonger lane
  27. hardy's origional sweet shop
    new row
  28. apex temple court hotel
    fleet street/ sergents inn - almost opposite fetter lane
  29. duke of york theatre
    st martins lane
  30. aisa de cuba restaurant
    st martins lane
  31. heart fm
    leister sq/ irving st (also capital radio/ lbc)
  32. dean street townhouse
    dean street - sdol
  33. punk club
    soho street
  34. twentieth century fox
    soho sq
  35. alfred place
    store street in/ chenies street out
  36. granville sq
    granville st
  37. bills restaurant
    white lion st- sdor down
  38. prior bolton st
    compton road- off canonbury place
  39. alwyne castle pub
    st pauls road -opposite highbury grove (looks like you can sdol from highbury grove
  40. little angel theatre
    dagmar passage/ off cross street
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