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  1. describe upwelling.
    • winds blow: moving water at surface
    • movig surface water moves offshore, forced by earth's rotation
    • as surface water leaves, it is replaced by nutrient ladden water welling up from the bottom
  2. What is the difference between the regions of the ocean and lakes? Which regions are aphotic and photic?
    • ocean has the intertidal, neritic, benthic and oceanic zones. intertidal, and sunlgiht regions of the benethic, oceanic and neritic zones are photic.
    • in lakes: littoral (shallow waters along the shore), limnetic (offshore and comprises of water that recieves enough light to support photosynthesis), benthic zone.
  3. what are wet lands distinguished by?
    vegetation and water flow
  4. what distinguishes aquatic ecosystems?
    water movement, water depth, light availability, nutrients
  5. what does it mean when a species is invasive?
    introduced to a new area, spreads rapidly and eliminates native species
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