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  1. How to inspect a room
    • create a checklist that mirrors your standards
    • start the door
    • move the clockwise around the room
    • move from top to bottom
    • use your sense touch sight smell
    • finish where you started

  2. SOP -standards operating procedure
    • document
    • starts with a guideline(WHY)
    • Lists procedures
    • lists records to be kept
    • lists positions SOP pertains to
    • list consequences if not followed
  3. SOP key control
    • housekeeping department will maintain all master keys in a secure area
    • only the coordinator and the managers will have access to the key lock box
    • each key will be labelled on beased on the section
    • a master control sheet must be used to sign in and out all keys
    • the PM supervisior will conduct a key audit to unsure all keys are accounted for
    • Employees must secure keys to their persons at all times while on shift
  4. SOP for lost and found
    • log all info the item
    • if item is valuable contact security or your managers immediately
    • hold item for 3 months(if valuable hold for 6months)
    • keep item locked in a safe place
    • only coodinator and managers to have access to L&F room
    • assign a code to item for inventory tracking number
    • wait for guests to contact hotel
    • at end of waiting period, person who found items gets first night of resusal
    • if unclaimed send to charity
  5. scheduling factors
    • senority
    • overtime policies
    • historical statistics
    • bc labor standards
    • requested time off
    • staff meetings
  6. carryovers
    a checkout room which is left dirty until the next day. when? heavy checkout day (sunday) with light arrivals
  7. workload factors
    • job duties
    • room layout/amenities
  8. definition of loss prevention
    the act of reducing theft within a business by employees and customers
  9. components of loss preventions
    • professional hiring practices
    • employee identification
    • training new hires
    • supervise employees
    • key control
    • restrict access
  10. how do we keep housekeepers safe
    • prevention -stretching and health
    • proper tools for the job
    • PPE - personal protective equipment
    • SOP's - training for each and every task/ situation
  11. 4 areas within a hotel to green
    • waste
    • energy
    • purchasing
    • water
  12. details waste
    recycle, post consumer recycled paper products, donate shampoo and soaps, recycle linens, guest recycling program, install refillable dispensers in bathrooms
  13. details water
    • install low flow showerheads
    • dual flush toilets
    • automate all faucets in public areas
    • cleaning chemicals that do not require rinsing
    • recycle gray water from laundry operations(gardern)
    • reuse of towel and linen
  14. details energy
    • train colleagues to control room temps
    • keep blinds closed in summer and open in winter
    • turn off lights and electronics
    • EMS-enegergy management system
  15. detail purchasing
    • purchasing from socially responsible suppliers
    • avoid used of styrofoam in packaging
    • plan for purchasing,
    • purchase quality linens that have longer life expectancy
    • RONE-wood products purchasing policy
  16. Green hotels
    fairmount royal york installed energy efficient fluorescent lighting at a savings over $57,000 annually
  17. Green chemicals
    • natural ingredients
    • no perfumes
    • biodegradable
    • little or no rinsing required
    • little or no toxicity(high LD50)
    • no aerosols
    • green seal certified
  18. how would hotels certify?
    • hotel must be certified
    • certification must be independent
    • certification must be based on objective and measurable standards.
    • include a comprehensive evaluation
    • be industry accepted
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