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  1. What is the 1st step of the systemic circuit?
    Step 1:

    Oxygenated blood is pumped from the LA to the LV and then into the Aorta.
  2. 2nd step of systemic circui.
    Step 2:

    Blood passes from the Aorta into elastic arteries and then into muscular arteries before entering arterioles.
  3. 3rd step in the systemic circuit.
    Step 3:

    Blood in arterioles enters systemic capillaries for exchange of gases & nutrients.
  4. 4th step of the systemic circuit.
    Step 4:

    De-oxygenated blood exits capillary beds into venules & then into veins.
  5. 5th step of the systemic circuit.
    Step 5:

    Do-oxygenated blood is conducted to either the superior or inferior vena cava & then enters the RA of the heart.
  6. What is the 1st step in the pulmonary circuit.
    Step 1: (pulm.)

    Blood flows from the RA to the RV and is tehn pumped into the Pulmonary Trunk.
  7. 2nd step of pulmonary circuit.
    Step 2:

    The pulm. trunk conducts deoxygenated blood into pulmonary arteries to the lungs.
  8. 3rd step of the pulm. circuit.
    Step 3:

    The blood passes through smaller & smaller arteries before entering pulmonary caps. for gas exchange.
  9. 4th step of the pulm. circuit.
    Step 4:

    Oxygenated blood exits the lung via a series of larger veins that merge to form the pulm. veins.
  10. 5th step of the pulm. circuit.
    Step 5:

    Pulm. veins drain into the LA.
  11. 6th step of pulm. circuit.
    Step 6:

    Blood enters the LV from the LA.

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