Chapter 1-5 Terms

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  1. Newfoundland
    • Fisherman will meet off the coast to discuss
    • currents/ winds/ and tides
  2. Powhatan Strategy
    Sought to manipulate the English settlers to gain guns and power over their Indian rivals
  3. George III
    Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson will call him a tyrant
  4. Albany Plan of Union
    Ben Franklin’s attempts to organize the colonies from French advancements
  5. Champlain
    Found of Quebec
  6. Seven Year’s War
    Began over a territorial dispute concerning Ohio
  7. Paxton Boys
    Threatened to burn Philadelphia if they did not receive protection from the Indians
  8. Jesuits
    French Catholics who sought to convert Indians in Canada
  9. Silk Road
    Muslim control of this trade link led to European exploration
  10. John Smith
    His order to work or starve saves Jamestown
  11. James Wolfe
    His victory at Quebec gives England a victory in the French and Indian War
  12. Mercantilism
    The economic system of this period (more exports than imports, colonies, and gold and silver)
  13. Prince Henry
    His navigation school will push Portugal to explore Africa
  14. Puritanism
    Religion which believed that the “elect” were chosen by God
  15. Regulators
    Sought the establishment of courts and an end to corruption in the Carolinas
  16. Treaty of Paris
    Gave British control of North America
  17. Bartholomeu Dias
    His voyage demonstrated that you could actually sail around Africa
  18. Jamestown
    First English settlement in the New World
  19. Pontiac's Rebellion
    This Indian uprising will lead to the Proclamation of 1763
  20. John Winthrop
    Leads Puritans to new world, “city upon a hill”
  21. Proclamation of 1763
    Parliament forbids the colonists from going west of the Appalachian Mountains
  22. Vasco de Gama
    He will successfully sail around Africa to Indian and back again
  23. Headright System
    An investor can receive land in the New World if he pays the passage for someone
  24. William Pitt
    English Prime Minister who believed that England should trade with colonies not tax them
  25. Columbus
    He will be forced to sail across the Atlantic since the Portugese control the African route
  26. Indentured Servants
    A person promises to labor for a certain number of years in exchange for passage to the New World
  27. Mayflower Compact
    The Pilgrims will create a governing document
  28. Ethan Allen
    His Green Mountain Boys will create Vermont
  29. William Bradford
    • Led Pilgrims to the New World, first governor of
    • Plymouth
  30. James Oglethorpe
    Founder of Georgia
  31. Roanoke
    The failure of this colony will show the English just what is required to be successful
  32. Yamassee War
    This Indian war is an example of the strategy of using Indians to defeat Indians
  33. Richard Hakluyt
    He believed that England should set up a military base in the New World to attack the Spanish
  34. George
    First began to levy taxes on the colonies
  35. Chesapeake Gentry
    This group will become the first aristocracy in the New World
  36. Antwerp
    Spanish destroy England’s major trading partner forcing England to begin exploration
  37. Stamp Act
    This tax caused the first congress to meet
  38. Salutary Neglect
    the lack of control by Parliament will give the colonies a false sense of independence
  39. Maroon Communities
    Runaway slaves will develop villages between Indian and white societies
  40. English Opposition
    Although they are seen as frivolous in England this groups warning fo the King’s plan to steal the right of Englishmen will be embraced by the colonies
  41. Reconquista
    • Ferdinand and Isabella force Moors and Jews out
    • of Spain
  42. Middle Passage
    Name given to the route bringing slaves to the New World
  43. Humphrey Gilbert
    His attempt to found a colony for the poor of Europe sank with his ship in the Atlantic
  44. Actual Representation
    This was the desire of the colonies concerning representation in Parliament
  45. John Coode
    He will lead a rebellion in Maryland that will end the Calvert’s rule
  46. Ireland
    • England’s colonization of this country is a blue
    • print for their efforts in the New World
  47. Martin Frobisher
    His discovery of wealth in the New World will be dampened when it turns into Fool’s Gold
  48. Nathaniel Bacon
    His rebellion in Virginia will be in response to the governors lack of protection
  49. Townsend Acts
    Colonists feared that the income from this tax would be used to pay colonial governments
  50. Martin Luther
    Initiated the Protestant Reformation
  51. Enumerated Commodities
    Colonial products which had to be sold to England
  52. John Calvin
    Founder of Puritanism
  53. Bartolome de Las Casas
    He will convince the Spanish that the Native Americans should not be enslaved
  54. Navigation Acts
    British economic act which forces the colonies to trade with England
  55. Committees of Inspection
    Colonists will prevent local businesses from selling English goods
  56. Thomas Hooker
    Founder of Connecticut
  57. Balanced Constitution
    The Monarchy was represented by the king, the aristocracy was represented in the House of Lords, and the common man was represented in the House of Commons
  58. Anne Hutchison
    Her belief in Antinomianism will threaten the security of the Puritans
  59. William Penn
    Founder of Pennsylvania
  60. Juan Ponce de Leon
    Searched for the Fountain of Youth
  61. Calverts
    Catholic family which controlled Maryland
  62. Tobacco
    John Rolfe introduces this product which saves Jamestown
  63. Ferdinand Magellan
    His ships will be the first to circumnavigate the globe
  64. Joint Stock Company
    This business organization was successful because you could only lose what you had invested
  65. Gaspee Affair
    The destruction of the King’s ship demonstrated the power of the Sons of Liberty
  66. Thomas Paine
    Wrote Common Sense to strengthen the resolve of the rebelling colonists
  67. Lexington and Concord
    First shots fired in the Revolutionary War
  68. Hernando Cortes
    This explorer will destroy the Aztec empire
  69. Suffolk Resolves
    Massachusetts calls for civil disobedience
  70. Coronado
    Searched the Midwest for cities made of gold
  71. Protestant Reformation
    Challenged the authority of the Catholic Church= emphasis upon faith for your salvation
  72. Lord North
    English Prime Minister during the Revolutionary War
  73. Coercive Acts
    Placed on Massachusetts after the Boston Tea Party
  74. Quartering Act
    This Parliamentary act will hurt the lower classes in the colonies who will be tormented by the presence of British troops
  75. Pizzaro
    Spanish explorer who destroys the Inca empire
  76. English Civil War
    Oliver Cromwell will set a precedent by leading a rebellion that will overthrow the King
  77. Circular Letters
    A form of chain letters which provided the colonies with information about British actions
  78. Quakers
    • Believed
    • in an Inner Light= were pacifists/ were the first to protect slavery
  79. Roger Williams
    Founder of Rhode Island
  80. Edmund Andros
    First English leader to try to enforce the Navigation Acts on the Dominion of New England
  81. Great Awakening
    Religious movement which centered around theatrical preachers
  82. Tenant Riots
    New Yorkers rebel over issue of land ownership
  83. Stono Rebellion
    Slave Rebellion
  84. Rational Chrisitanity
    Based off of the Enlightenment they will believe in a tolerant Go and that salvation is open to all
  85. Enlightenment
    Movement away from religious explanations to scientific reasoning
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