Mental Health Nursing

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  1. This term refers to malicious or ignorant withholding of physical, emotional, or educational necessities for the child’s well being
    What is Neglect?
  2. This term refers to the repeated and persistent attempts to impose unwanted communication or contact on another person
    What is Stalking?
  3. This term refers to a legal order of protection obtained to prohibit contact between a victim and perpetrator of abuse
    What is a Restraining Order?
  4. These are memories that are buried deeply in the subconscious mind or repressed because they are too painful for the victim to acknowledge; often relate to childhood abuse
    What is Repressed Memories?
  5. This term helps to refocus client’s view of him-or herself as being strong enough to survive the ordeal, which is more empowering image than oneself as a victim
    What is a Survivor?
  6. This involves sexual acts performed by an adult on a child younger than 18 years old
    What is Sexual Abuse?
  7. This refers to the maltreatment of older adults by family members or caretakers
    This is Elder Abuse?
  8. This is the international injury to a child
    What is Child Abuse?
  9. This type of abuse ranges from shoving and pushing to severe beatings and choking and may involved broken limbs and ribs, internal bleeding, brain damage and even homicide
    What is Physical Abuse?
  10. This is the mistreatment or misuse of one person by another in the context of an intimate relationship
    What is Spouse or Partner Abuse?
  11. Victim of abuse or violence certainly have physical injuries, but they also experience these types of injuries with a broad range of responses
    What are Psychological Injuries?
  12. This often remains undisclosed or unnoticed for months or even years because victims fear their abusers
    What is Domestic Violence?
  13. This is a subconscious defense mechanism that helps a person protect his or her emotional self from recognizing the full effects of some horrific or traumatic event by allowing the mind to forget or remove itself from the painful situation or memory
    What is Dissociation?
  14. Victims of abuse and violence use this defense mechanism against anger and resentment and do not tell anyone. This is particularly true in cases of childhood sexual abuse
    What is Suppression
  15. Survivors of abuse often suffer in silence and continue to feel these feelings
    What is Guilt and Shame?
  16. Victims of abuse and violence are very low in this and view themselves as unloveable
    What is Self-Esteem?
  17. This term is used to describe a typical pattern in domestic battering: violence. This pattern continually repeats itself throughout the relationship
    What is the Cycle of Violence?
  18. This phase of cycle of violence has arguments, stony silence, or complaints from the abuser
    What is the Tension-Building Phase?
  19. This phase of the cycle of abuse has the abuser expressing regret or remorse for the violence. The abuser apologizes and claims it will never happen again. The abuser professes his love and engages in romantic behavior
    What is the Honeymoon Phase?
  20. This phase in the cycle of violence involves a serious battering incident. The tension becomes unbearable and the victim may provoke an incident to get it over with
    What is the Acute Battering Phase?
  21. Women experience an increase in violence during ______ the increase in violence during ______ is due to the partner’s jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, and lessened emotional availability
    What is Pregnancy?
  22. This term is used to describe the wrongful use and maltreatment of another person
    What is Abuse?
  23. This is the sexual assault that may occur on a first date, on a ride home from a party, or when the two people have known each other for some time
    What is Date Rape?
  24. This term explains that patterns of violence are perpetuated from one generation to the next through role modeling and social learning
    What is Intergenerational Transmission Process?
  25. This includes name calling, belittling, screaming, yelling, destroying property, and making threats as well as subtler forms such as refusing to speak to or ignoring the victim
    What is Psychological Abuse?
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