grouping of neural tissue-terminology(nervous system)

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  1. what does the composition of nervous tissue consist of?
    gray matter & gray matter
  2. concerning cell bodies which one is the collection of cell bodies inside the CNS and which one is outside?
    • nucleus-collection of cell bodies inside the CNS
    • ganglion-collection of cell bodies outside the CNS
  3. what are the processes of neural tissue? and give a definition for each
    • 1.tract-a group or bundle of nerve fibers inside CNS
    • 2.nerve-a group or bundle of nerve fibers outside the CNS
    • 3.commissure-nerve fibers joining opposie parts of the brain & spinal cord
    • 4.decussation-two tracts or nerves crossing to opposite sides of the brain forming an "X"
  4. give examples of each of the neural tissue processes(tract,nerve,commissure,decussation)
    • tract-ascending and descending tracts
    • nerve-none
    • commissure-corpus callosum, anterior & posterior commissure
    • decussation-optic chiasma
  5. tract constitures an anatomical and functional unit explain why for each
    • 1. anatomical unit since it is a specific stucture
    • 2.functional unit since all nerve fibers in the group are carrying the exact same type of information
  6. does a nerve constitute an anatomical or functional unit? why?
    constitutes an anatomical unit onl since they contain both motor and sensory nerve fibers
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