anatomy 25 urinary system

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  1. What are the components of the urinary system?
    Adrenal gland, kidneys, ureter, urinary blader, urethra.

    Adrenal glands - Endochrine gland which releases hormones responsible for regulation protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism, inflamatory response. They also produce male sex hormones and hormones responsible for preparing the body for fight or flight response. Adrenal glands are not actually part of the urinary system.

    Kidneys - filter the blood, excreting waste product and filtering useful product back into the bloodstream.

    Ureters - carry urine from kidneys to bladder.

    Urethra - carries urine outside the body.
  2. What are functions of the kidneys?
    Maintain fluid and electrolyte balance of body and removal of metabolic waste. Kidneys filter blood, sending stuff that's harmful to the body or is just not useful to the body out of the body and keeping stuff that the body needs or can use and sending it back to the bloodstream.
  3. What are the three main waste products the kidneys filter out and excrete?
    Urea - a result of the breakdown of amino acids, it carries waste nitrogen out of the system.

    Uric acid -

    Creatinine -
  4. Where are the kidneys located?
    • R kidney - between L1 and L3
    • L kidney - between T12 and L2

    R kidney is lower than left.
  5. What is the renal hilum?
    Where renal artery and vein and and ureter enter and exit the kidney.
  6. Several layers of tissue surreound each kidney...
    Fibrous / renal capsule - attached tirectly to kidney surface maintains kidney's shape and acts as a barrier to inhibit infection from surrounding areas.

    Perirenal fat capsule - adipose tissue superficial to renal capsule. Cusions kidneys.

    Renal fascia - superficial to perirenal fat capsule.

    Pararenal fat - most superficial, superficial to renal fascia. - Cushions kidneys.
  7. Where is the pleural cavity in relation to the kidneys?
    Posterior to the upper third of each kidney.
  8. What are the two major areas of the kidneys?
    Cortex - outer layer.

    Medulla - inner layer.
  9. What path does blood follow through the kidneys?
    • Aorta
    • |
    • Renal artery
    • |
    • Segmental artery
    • |
    • Interlobar artery
    • |
    • Arcuate artery
    • |
    • Cortical ratiate artery
    • |
    • Afferint arteriole
    • |
    • Glomerulus ( fenestrated capillaries )
    • |
    • Efferent arteriole
    • |
    • Peritubular capillaries and vasa recta
    • |
    • Cortical radiate vein
    • |
    • Arcuate vein
    • |
    • Inerlobar vein
    • |
    • renal vein
    • |
    • Inverior vena cava
  10. What matr
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