Plexuses (nervous system)

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  1. what are plexuses?
    • networks of nerves.
    • ventral branches of spinal nerves join together and are then redistributed
  2. what are the different types of plexus?
    • 1.cervical plexus
    • 2.brachial plexus
    • 3.lumbar plexua
    • 4.sacral plexus
    • 5.coccygeal plexus
  3. which plexus is formed by C1-C4 and part of C5
    cervical plexus
  4. which plexus also connects with cranial nerves XI and XII?
    cervical plexus
  5. which plexus serves skin and muscles of head, neck and upper part of shoulders
    cervical plexus
  6. which plexus includes the phrenic nerve chich serves the diaphragm(from C4 & C5)
    cervical plexus
  7. what plexus is C5-C8 and T1?
    brachial plexus
  8. what plexus is total nerve supply of all upper extremity structures?
    brachial plexus
  9. what plexus supplies some neck and shoulder muscles?
    brachial plexus
  10. what plexus had L1-L4-no intricate interlacing of fibers in this plexus compared to others
    lumbar plexus
  11. what plexus serves skin and muscles of anterolateral abdominal wall?
    lumbar plexus
  12. which plexus innervates external genitals & part of legs?
    lumbar plexus
  13. which plexus also includes the femoral nerve?
    lumbar plexus
  14. which plexus has the L4&L5, S1-S4?
    sacral plexus
  15. which plexus supplies the buttocks,perineum, & lower extremeties?
    sacral plexus
  16. which plexus includes sciatic nerve- primary nerve from this plexus
    which is the largest nerve in the body and supplies all muscles of leg and foot
    Sacral plexus
  17. which plexus has S4-S5 and coccygeal nerve?
    coccygeal plexus
  18. which plexus supplies skin in region of coccyx?
    coccygeal plexus
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