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  1. The Pleura has what 3 components?

    What do they adhere together by?
    1) Parietal Pleura (outer lining)

    2) Pleural space

    3) Visceral pleura (inward lining)

    Adhere together by Serous Fluid.
  2. The Formation of Serous Lined Coelomic Cavities.
  3. Conducting Zone of the Lung: ("windpipe section of lung")

    Contains what 4 parts?

    *All contain smooth muscle

    Which is Respiratory Epithelium?
    Which is Simple Cuboidal Epithelial?
    • 1) Primary Bronchi (hyaline cartilage)
    • -Respiratory Epithelium.

    2) Secondary Bronchi (hyaline plates)

    3) Bronchioles (no cartilage)

    • 4) Terminal Bronchioles (no cartilage)
    • -Simple Cuboidal Epithelial.
  4. Respiratory Zone of the Lung (O2 / CO2 exchange zone)

    What does this contain? (4)

    Where are the terminal clusters of alveoli?
    1) Respiratory bronchioles

    2) Alveolar ducts ("stem" or "hallway")

    • 3) Alveolar sacs ("bunches of grapes")
    • • terminal clusters of alveoli
    • • atrium = opening into the sac

    • 4) Alveoli
    • • most of lung volume

    • simple squamous cells (“type-I cells”)

    • surfactant secreting simple cuboidal cells(“type-II cells”)• alveolar macrophages (“dust cells”)

    • alveoli + pulmonary capillaries (squamous) =“Respiratory membrane” or “Air-blood barrier”

    • Alveolar pores = communication between alveoli
  5. List the microscopic blood circulation. (4)
    (artery – capillary - alveoli – vein)
  6. Pulmonary Smooth Muscle.

    What is the effect w/ Symp. & Parasymp.?
    Symp: dilates

    Parasymp: constricts
  7. Which nerve innervates the Diaphragm?

    Which nerve(s) innervates the intercostal muscles?
    Phrenic Nerve (Cerv. spinal cord segments 3. 4, and 5)

    Intercostal Nerves (ventral Rami from T1-T11).
  8. Which nerves innervate Respiration?
    1) CN IX (pharyngeal branch of glossopharyngeal nerve)

    2) CN X (vagus)
  9. Which nerves are responsible for "Quiet"ness? (2)

    What happens during "Forced"?

    What happens when you inhibit inspiration?
    Quiet: phrenic & intercostal nerves

    Forced: Increased CO2 or decreased O2 =increase speed and other muscles

    Inhibit Inspiration: Stretch receptors in lungs.
  10. Innervation of Respiration.

    What does the Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX) sense?

    What does the Vagus Nerve (CN X) sense?

    (O2 / CO2 concentrations)
    Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX): carotid bodies sense decrease in O2 or increase in CO2.

    Vagus Nerve (CN X): aortic bodies sense decrease in O2 or increase in CO2
  11. What do the Anterior and Posterior intercostalarteries supply?
    Intercostal muscles.
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