operant conditioning exam

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  1. A type of learning in which the future probability of a behavior is affected by its consequences
    operant conditioing
  2. an event that is innately reinforcing to us (ex. food and water)
    primary reinforcers
  3. an event that is reinforcing to us because it is associated with some other reinforcer (ex. good grades, fine clothes)
    secondary reinforcer
  4. a type of secondary reinforcer that has been associated with several other reinforcers (ex. money)
    generalized reinforcer
  5. Key words to look for in variable duration schedules?
    about and continuous
  6. The difference between a reinforcer and punisher is the _______ ____ __________
    effect on behavior, reinforcers increase and punishers decrease
  7. Reflexive is to _______ as intentional is to _________
    classical; operant
  8. Justin's dog needs to sit down, then lay down, then roll over, then beg in order to recieve a treat; which trick will be performed best?
    beg (backwards chaining)
  9. a dog is given a treat each time it comes and as a result no longer comes, this is an example of...
    postive punishment
  10. which schedule of reinforcment generally shows that greatest resistance to extinction?
    variable ratio
  11. "I'll do anything to aviod housework!" this is an example of what contingency?
    negative reinforcment
  12. most gambling operation use this type of reinforcement schedule
    variable ratio
  13. a rat recieves food when he reacts to an 1100 Hertz noise but not a 1300 Hertz noise, the 1100 Hertz noise is the ______ and the 1300 Hertz noise is the _______
    Sd; Sdelta
  14. which schedule most clearly shows evidence of a goal gradient effect?
    fixed interval
  15. If a girl finishes her homework and her mom gives her apple pie, what type of contingency is this?
  16. When Cameron finds out his wife is planning to leave him he suddenly showers her with tons of gifts, this is an exmaple of...
    anticipatory contrast
  17. when combined with the term punishment of reinforcement, the word postive means???
    in addition to
  18. persistence is needed in order to eliminate a behavior pattern...
    spontaneous recovery
  19. Brenda recieves a speeding tickst and a large fine, therefore she no longer speeds in the area she got her ticket, this is an example of
    negative punishment
  20. a ______ schedule is one where every response is reinforced, in _____ only some are reinforced
    continuous; intermittent
  21. wearing the same pair of socks everytime because you once scored a lot of points while wearing them is an example of
  22. The notion that a behavior can serve as a reinforcer when access to the behavior is restricted and it's frequency thereby falls below its preferred level of occurrence
    respoonse deprivation hypothesis
  23. a schedule in which reinforcement is contingent upon a fixed predictable number of responses
    fixed ratio schedule
  24. a temporary increase in the frequency and intensity of responding when extinction is first implemented
    extinction burst
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