Medical Terminology Respiratory

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  1. rhino
  2. pulm/pneum
  3. pyo
  4. asphyxia
    suffocating/oxygen deprived
  5. epistaxis
    nose bleed
  6. atelectasis
    collapsed lung
  7. rales
    cracking sound made by air passing through the bronchi congisted with thick mucus
  8. pulmonary edema
    accumulation of fluid into the pleural cavity
  9. pleural effusion
    escape of fluid into the pleural cavity
  10. pneumonia
    inflammation of the lung
  11. croup
    inflammation of larynx, trachea, and bronchi resulting in obstruction of UR tract
  12. tuberculosis (TB)
    infection, contigous air born disease of lung
  13. stridor
    high pitch crowing sound of the lung
  14. larynotracheobronchitis
  15. hypertrophy of nasal turbinates
    abnormal increase in size of organ due to increase in cell numbers of bone of nasal cavity
  16. dyspnea
    differculty breathing
  17. chronic obstrucitve pulmonary disease (COPD)
    progressive irreversible dimished lung capacity. Includ emphysema, asthma, bronchitis
  18. asthma
    bronchio spasm, an air trapped in the lung that obstructs the small air way and produce shorten of breath
  19. emphysema
    the over inflation of the air sac of the lung with destruction of alevolial wall
  20. bronchitis
    inflammation of bronchi
  21. adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
    see COPD decrease in oxygen, differculty with breathing, many external factor also included
  22. upper respiratory infection (URI)
    infection of all parts of upper respiratory tract (trachea, throat, larynx, etc)
  23. tracheostomy
    new opening of trachea
  24. pneumonectomy
    removal of lung
  25. bronchoscopy
    visual exam of bronchi using scope
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