Exam #3 - Lecture Questions

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  1. This wa Da Vinci's first great work in Milan
    Virgin on the Rocks
  2. This style , reminescent of Lippi and Boticelli , is not something we see with Da Vinci.
    Linear style
  3. This is Da Vincis most impressive work
    The Last Supper
  4. This painting was the first great figure composition of the high renaissance
    The Last Supper ; da Vinci
  5. There was no known finished painting based on this design
    Virgin & Child with S.Anne & Young S.John the Baptist
  6. In the 16th century a great interest in this medium arrived
  7. This medium was used bc of its fin line .
  8. This artist was one of the first to use red chalk.
    Da Vinci
  9. This drawing is a preliminary for Da Vinci's Virgin of the Rocks
    A Study of the Head of teh Angel
  10. This painting has one of the most impressive landscapes ever.
    Madonna and Child with S.Anne / Da Vinci
  11. Da Vinci uses glazing which is a ________ approach
  12. This emotion is characteristic of the high renaissance
  13. In this painting the calmness desguises (not reveals) that characters identity
    Mona Lisa
  14. Da Vinci made trips to these three cities
    Florence , Milan , and Rome
  15. Da Vinci had no influence on _________ art
    French art
  16. No buildings and sculptures can be attributed to this artist.
    Da vinci
  17. This artist completes his most influential work while in Rome
  18. This temple breaks new ground and starts new era in High Renaissanse. It has no equal
    The Tiempieto / Bramante
  19. He lays down the foundation for high Renaissance architecture. He has a full understanding of Roman architecture.
    Bramante 1
  20. This palazzo emphasizes symmetryu and regularity which fully expresses classical order of High Renaissance.
    Palazzo Farnese / Antonio da Sangallo , the Younger
  21. This palazzo sets a standard for High Renaissance palazzo architcture
    Palazzo Farnese
  22. The the great genii of the High Renaissance were ______ , _________ , __________ .
    Raphael , Da Vinci , Michelangelo
  23. This artists great idea of harmony comes through as a big influence in High Renaissance.
  24. Raphael's Marriage of the Virgin version is significantly better unified and more fluent than ......
    Perugino’s “Christ Giving the Keys to S. Peter”
  25. Like Da Vinci this artist was interested in rigorous movement
  26. Harmony was this artist's thing. His work is more gentler than Da Vinci's .
  27. Clarity of forms, and pastel colors of Perungino rather than smoky disappearing forms is characteristic of this artist
  28. This artist produced Madonnas that no one else can rival
  29. This Madonna was Raphaels most famous one
    Madonna and the Chair
  30. This painting , at its best, is a good example of Raphaels mature style
    Madonna and Chair
  31. In terms of color this artist was most likely under the influence of the Venetians.
  32. Which one of Raphaels Madonnas is his most cherished?
    Sistine Madonna
  33. This artist's greatest acheivements were not in Florence but in the time he spent in Rome.
  34. What was Da Vincis impact on Raphael;s early style ?
    His portraits
  35. The architecture in this painting is reminiscent of this architect.
    School of Athens/ Bramante
  36. This painting by Raphael still impresses us today because of its quality of presentation of character.
    Pope Leo X
  37. This portrait painting by Raphael is remiscent of this painting by Da Vinci
    Badlassae Castiglione / Mona Lisa
  38. This is Michelangelo's greatest work in Rome.
  39. This was Michelangelo's first religous monumental work. It is the only one he signed and waxed. He will never has another work as finished as this one.
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