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  1. Deviance
    Any behavior that violates a norm
  2. deviance and anomie(Merton)
    A social condition in which people find it difficult to guide their behavior by norms they experience as weak, unclear, or conflicting
  3. social stratification
    the structured ranking of individuals and groups; their grading into hierarchal layers or strata
  4. open and closed systems
    a stratification where people have ease or difficulty changing their status
  5. wealth
    what people own
  6. status
    A position within a group or society; a location in a social structure
  7. globalization
  8. knowledge services
    higher end jobs, that require further education
  9. the welfare state
    government regulating businesses; taxing the rich and redistributing it amongst the middle class into their public school systems etc.
  10. lower class
  11. culture of poverty thesis
    screw ups. order theorists: these people fked up and they are not necessarily trying to get into a better situation
  12. culture of resistance
    behavior of making babies etc. makes sense to a conflict theorist because in order to survive these people are creating a sense of relational stablility. These behaviors make sense in long term poverty. People that placed them there are the same ones that condemn them
  13. social capital
  14. crime
    an act prohibited by law
  15. cultural transmission theory
    what makes people deviant is being around people that are deviant
  16. social class
    a group of people who share similar economic interest
  17. power
  18. upper class
    old money, not new money have social capital connections
  19. middle class
    don't have their own culture but are sold it, the American dream affordable
  20. neo-liberal policies
    government should not regulate companies as much
  21. transnational corporations
    securitized owned by investors all over the world, publicly traded and can invest in anything, have no relation with the nation or its gov.
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