SAT Words

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  1. Hackneyed (adj.)
    overused; trite; stale
  2. Hermetic (adj.)
    impervious to external influences; all right
  3. Ideology (n.)
    a system of social or political ideas
  4. Ignominy (n.)
    deep disgrace
  5. Illicit (adj.)
    illegal; not permitted
  6. Impetuous (adj.)
    impulsive, extremely impatient
  7. Imperial (adj.)
    like an emperor or empire
  8. Impotent (adj.)
    powerless; helpless
  9. Impugn (v.)
    to attack, especially to attack the truth or integrity of something
  10. Incense (v.)
    to make very angry
  11. Incipient (adj.)
    beginning; emerging
  12. Labyrinth (n.)
    a maze; something like a maze
  13. Laconic (adj.)
    using a few words, especially to the point of seeming rude
  14. Lament (v.)
    to mourn
  15. Lampoon (v.)
    to satirize; to mock; to parody
  16. Languish (v.)
    to become weak, listless or depressed
  17. Laud (v.)
    to applaud; to extol, to celebrate
  18. Legacy (n.)
    something handed down from the past; a bequest
  19. Lethargy (n.)
    sluggishness; laziness; drowsiness; indifference
  20. Lucid (adj.)
    easy to understand
  21. Lugubrious (adj.)
    exaggeratedly mournful
  22. Increment (n.)
    an increase; one in a serious of increases
  23. Indignant (adj.)
    angry, especially over something unjust or unworthy; insulted
  24. Indolent (adj.)
  25. Inept (adj.)
    clumsy; incompetent
  26. Infatuated (adj.)
    foolish; foolishly in love
  27. Inundate (v.)
    to flood; to cover completely with water; to overwhelm
  28. Irascible (adj.)
    easily angered or provoked; irritable
  29. Insurgent (n.)
    a rebel; someone who revolts against a government
  30. Integral (adj.)
  31. Itinerant (adj.)
    moving from place to place
  32. Malinger (v.)
    to pretend to be sick to avoid doing work
  33. Malleable (adj.)
    easy to shape or bend
  34. Manifest (adj.)
    visible; evident
  35. Martial (adj.)
    warlike; having to do with combat
  36. Maverick (n.)
    a nonconformist; a rebel
  37. Mercenary (n.)
    a hired soldier; someone who will do anything for money
  38. Mercurial (adj.)
    emotionally unpredictable; rapidly changing in mood
  39. Microcosm (n.)
    the world in miniature
  40. Miniscule (adj.)
    very tiny
  41. Nebulous (adj.)
    vague; hazy; indistinct
  42. Neologism (n.)
    a new word or phrase; a new usage of a word
  43. Nostalgia (n.)
    sentimental longing for the past; homesickness
  44. Notorious (adj.)
    famous for something bad
  45. Obdurate (adj.)
    stubborn and insensitive
  46. Obsequious (adj.)
    fawning; subservient; sucking up to
  47. Obtuse (n.)
    slow to understand; dull or insensitive
  48. Opaque (adj.)
    impossible to see through; impossible to understand
  49. Ostentatious (adj.)
    excessively conspicuous; showing off
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