Head and Neck

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  1. Abducens nerve (VI) innervates?
    lateral rectus
  2. Trochlear nerve (IV) innvervates?
    Superior oblique
  3. Occulomotor nerve (III)
    • Superior, inferior and medial recti
    • inferior oblique
    • levator palpebrae superioris (small, inferior smooth muscle portion is innverated by sympathetic fibers)
  4. Tendon of superior oblique pathway
    passes through a fibrocartilaginous pulley or trochlea attached to the nasal side of the orbital margin.
  5. Ape of tongue
    the free portion of tongue
  6. root of tongue
    inferiorly where vessels and nerves enter and where there are muscular attachments to bone
  7. body
    free rounded border
  8. Median fibrous septum
    divides the tongue into right and left halves
  9. tongue innervated by?
    hypoglossal nerve (XII)
  10. What are the extrinsic muscles of the tongue
    • genioglossus - large fan-shaped
    • hyoglossus
    • syloglossus
  11. Movements of the extrinsic mucles of tongue
    move the tongue in and out, up and down.
  12. movement of intrinsic muscles of tongue
    alter the shape of the tongue
  13. lateral cervical muscles are?
    trapezius and sternocleidomastoid
  14. what divides the two triangles of the neck
  15. Anterior triangle boundaries
    • ANT - midline of the neck
    • LAT - sternocleidomastoid
    • Superiorly - mandible
  16. POST trianlge boundaries
    • Sternocleidomastoid, trapezius muscles
    • middle 1/3 of clavicle inferiorly
  17. hyoid bone
    • horseshoe-shaped bone lying above the thyroid cartilage of the larynx.
    • Attachments for the infrahyoid and suprahyoid muscles
  18. Swallowing muscles involved
    • the suprahyoid muscles elevate the hyoid, base of tongue, and larynx,
    • then infrahyoid muscles depress the hyoid and larynx
  19. What forms the ansa cervicalis
    • a loop formed by branches from the ventral rami of C1-3.
    • superior root from C1 and inferior root from C2-3.
    • C1 "piggy backs on the hypoglossal nerve and then jumps off to innervate the thyrohoid and geniohyoid muscles.
  20. interscalene triangle formed by?
    elongated tringular space formed by the ANT and MID scalenes and the subclavian groove of the first rib.
  21. What passes through the interscalene triangle?
    roots of the brachial plexus
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