Lecture: Muscles of the Neck, vertebral column, and respiration

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  1. Sternocleidmastoid
    Origin: manubeium of sternum and medial portion of clavicle

    Insertion: mastoid process of temporal bone and superior nuchal line of occipital bone

    • Action: flexes laterally rotates the head
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  2. Scalenes
    Origin: Transerve processes of cervical vertebrae

    Insertion: anterolaterally on first two ribs

    Action: elevate first two ribs (aids in respiration), flex and rotate neck

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  3. Splenius
    Capitis and Cervicis portions
    Origin: Ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes or vertebrae C7-T6

    Insertion: mastoid process of temporal bone and occipital bone (capitis), transverse process of C2-C4 vertebrae

    • Action: extend or hyperextend head
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  4. Erector Spinae
    Composed of: iliocostalis, longissimus, and spinalis
    Prime mover of back extension

    • Iliocostalis:
    • Origin: iliac crest, inferior 6 ribs, ribbs 3-6
    • Insertion: angles of the ribs, transverse processes of the cervical vertebra C6-C4
    • Action: extend and laterally flex the vertebral column, maintain erect posture

    • Longissimus:
    • Origin: transverse process of lumbar through cervical vertebrae
    • Insertion: Transverse processes of throracic or cervical vertebrae and to ribs superior to origin as indicated by name; capitis inserts into mastoid prossess aof temporal bone
    • Action: Thoracis and cervicis act together to extend and laterally fle vertebral column; capitis extends head and turns face towards same side

    • Spinalis:
    • Origin: spinous process of upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae
    • Insertion: spinous process of upper thoracic and cervical vertebrae
    • Action: extends vertebral column
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  5. Semispinalis
    Origin: transverse proccesses of C7-T12

    Insertion: occipital bone (capitis) and spinous process of cervical (cervicis) and thoracic vertebrae T1-T4

    • Action: Extends vertebral column and head and rotates them to opposite side
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  6. Quadratus Lumborum
    Origin: iliac crest and lumbar fascia

    Insertion: transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae L1-L4 and lower margin of 12th rib

    • Action: flexes vertebral column laterally
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  7. External Intercostal
    Respiratory Muscles
    Origin: inferior border of rib above

    Insertion: superior border of rib below

    • Action: pulls ribs toward one another to elevate rib cage, aide in inspiration
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  8. Internal Intercostals
    Respiratory Muscles
    Origin: Superior border of rib below

    Insertion: Inferior border of rib above

    Action: draw ribs together and depress rib cage, aide in forced expiration
  9. Diaphram
    Respiratory Muscles
    Origin: inferior, internal surface of rib cage and sternum, costal cartilages of last six ribs and lumbar vertebrae

    Insertion: central tendon

    • Action: Prime mover of inspiration, flattens on contraction
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