HST 163 Ch 9 Terms

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  1. federalism / centralism
    • federalism - weak national governments and strong provincial (state) gov
    • centralists - strong national governments and weak provincial gov, included extreme high class
    • neither trusted the lower classes but relied on their support
  2. liberalim / conservatism
    • liberalism - came from federalism, opposed the position of the church as a large land owner, insisted on individual property holding, advocated free trade
    • conservatism - fought for the rights and priveleges of the church, which they believed served as the protector of social stability
  3. regionalism
    many lower class people were loyal to their home villages or cities which made it hard to create nationalism amongst the peoples
  4. Benito Juarez
    • President of Mexico from 1858 - 1872
    • essentially a dictator
  5. The Mexican War 1856 - 48
  6. The War of Reform
  7. the French Intervention
  8. Caudillos
    • notoriety and authority arose at the local level where a reputation of bravery was developed
    • these strong leaders often emerged to bridge the gap between upper and lower class
    • typically a landlord whos supporters were his workers
  9. Sugar
    the Haitian Revolution destroyed Hispaniola as the major sugar producer and Cuba and Brazil took over
  10. cacao, tobacco, sugar, coffee, bananas, cotton, wool
    as Europe began to industrialize, their needs were for luxury items (because they were alread self sufficient with food items, so Latin American began producing the items and their economies flourished
  11. guano
    • bird excrement
    • used as fertilizer in Europe and found in Peru's off shore islands
    • by the early 1880s these materials had run out and nitrate took over on the fertilizer market
  12. hides
    these were in demand for a short time on the market howeverm the demand eventually withered
  13. boom and bust
    • the repeating cycle that occured in Latin America that caused the Latin American economy to be very dependent on the worl market for its economy
    • NOT GOOD
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