Chapter 5

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  1. Prescription
    written, verbal, or electronic order from a practitioner for the preparation and administration of a drug or drug device
  2. Extemporaneous compound
    the on-demand preparation of a drug product according to a physician's prescription, formula or recipe.
  3. Signa
    the directions for use to be printed on the prescription label.
  4. Schedule 2 drugs
    drugs that have a high potential for abuse or addiction but that also have a safe and accepted medical use; they require special handling.
  5. OTC drugs
    drugs that are available for sale without a prescription; however, they may also be ordered on a prescription since sometimes insurance companies cover prescriptions for over-the-counter drugs
  6. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    (HIPAA) a federal act that, among other things, protects the privacy of individuals and the sharing of protected health information
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