Evolution Quiz

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  1. Dinosaur
    'terrible lizard"
  2. "ish"
  3. "tannin"
    whale, monster, dragon
  4. Behemoth
    hippo or adaquadic dinosaur
  5. Leviathan
    crocodile, t-rex
  6. Dinosaurs and The Flood: 3 possibilities
    • a. never existed
    • b.created but extinct before the flood
    • c.created and then extinct after the flood- dinos on ark
  7. We do know the bible describes a completly different world after The Flood- 3 ways
    • a. climate change
    • b. landforms change
    • c. lifespans changed
  8. what does evolve mean?
    to change
  9. microevolution
    small changes in living things over a SHORT period of time days-1000s of years
  10. macroevolution
    large changes in living things over a LONG period of time millions/ billions
  11. chemical evolution
    changes in molecules to eventually form life
  12. cosmic evolution
    changes in the universe to produce atoms, stars, galaxies, ect.
  13. Which kind of evolution did Darwin think of and explain first?
  14. macro, chemical, cosmic evolution all assume that...
    • a.things change at the same rate now and always
    • b. there has to have been millions/billions of years
  15. _______is different from macro chemical and cosmic because it is _______ and _______
    micro, observable, provable
  16. Darwin's theory of natural selection is a good explanation of __________
  17. Darwin's theory of natural Selection (5 things)
    • A. overpopulation
    • B. Variation
    • C. Competition
    • D. Survival of the fittest
    • E. Reproduction
  18. Overpopulation
    organisms produce more offspring than needed to survive
  19. Variation
    offspring are not identical.... each has slightly different traits
  20. Competition
    offspring compete for food, territory, mates, ect.
  21. Survival of the fittest
    "best" traits tend to live; "worst" tend to die
  22. Reproduction
    surviving offspring of survivors pass on their traits
  23. Problems when Darwin's theory of natural selction is used to explain macroevolution
    • a. big changes don't happen
    • b. In-between steps must make individual more "fit" to survive
    • c. Difficult changes need to happen stimultaneously
    • d. Difficult to explain evolution of complex structure
    • e. Mutral evolution.. two different species rely on eachother for survival
    • f. Living "fossils"... things that haven't changed in 100's of years
  24. Archaeopteryx
    famous half-lizard half-bird fossil
  25. coelacanths
    fish that lives in the Indian ocean
  26. How old is the universe? (CST)
    15 billion years
  27. How old is the earth? (CST)
    4.6 billion
  28. How many years ago did life first appear? (CST)
    3.5 billion
  29. How many years ago was the Age of the dinosaurs? (CST)
    225 to 65 million
  30. How many years ago did modern humans appear? (CST)
    200,000 years ago
  31. Hwo many eras is geologic time divided into?
  32. What happends to the eras over time?
    they get shorter over time
  33. Who developed the current theory of evolution?
    Charles Darwin
  34. Where did Charles Darwin observe plants and animals that seemed evoloved from other closely-related forms?
    Galapagos Islands
  35. What is the name of Charles Darwin's theory?
    natural Selection
  36. primate
    the order that includes lemers, monkeys, apes, and humans
  37. hominid
    family of primates that only include humans
  38. What is a Australopithecus afarensis?
    earliest known himinid species (Lucy)
  39. What is the Olduvai George?
    Place where Lucy was found
  40. What are some scientific names of two other fossil hominids besides Homo sapiens?
    Homo habilis, Homo erectus
  41. Neanderthal
    sub species of humans that are now extinct
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