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  1. Every hospital across canada will have the same items on an emergency cart
    True or False
  2. When an emergency code has been called in your department it is your responsidbility to direct the code team and take control
    True or False
  3. How ofter should items on a crash cart be checked
  4. List emergency items found on a crash cart
    • Back board
    • Stethoscope
    • BP cuffs
    • Bag value mask
    • Laryngoscope
    • Endotraceal Tubes
  5. Why would a backboard be needed on an emergency cart
    If patient requires CPR
  6. Define Angina Pectoris
    Chest pain caused by obstruction to the arteries of the heart
  7. Distributive shock includes
    • Neurogenic shock
    • Anaphylactic shock
  8. What drug is used as a local anesthetic and treatment for ventricular
  9. Orophyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways
    Are an adjunct to patient airway
  10. Early signs and symptoms of anaphylactic reaction
    • Itching,
    • tearing eyes and apprehension
  11. Shock resulting from the excessive loss of blood or plasma is called
    Hypolemic shock
  12. The safest posture for maintaining the airway of an unconscious patient who is vomiting
    Lateral recumbent postion
  13. Syncope
    A brief lapse in conscious caused by transient cerbral hypoxia
  14. Seizure
    A hyperexcitation of neurons in the brain leading to sudden,violent,involuntary series of contractions of a group of muscles
  15. Cerebrovascular accident
    An abnormal condition of the brain charcterized by a rupture or obstruction of an artery
  16. Reaction to medication
    The decelopment o fundesired side effecte or toxicity caused by the administration of drugs
  17. Pulmonary embolus
    An occlusion of one or more pulmonary arteries by a thrombus or thrombi
  18. Shock
    An abnormal condition of inadequate blood flow to the bodies peripheral tissues
  19. Cardiac arrest
    A sudden cessation of cardiac output and affect circulation
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