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  1. Hip Flexors

    Name the Primary
    Name the Assitors
    Primary: Illiopsoas

    • Assistors: Rectus Femoris
    • Satorius
    • TFL
    • Pectinus
  2. What Nerve innervates the Hip Flexor
    • Femoral
    • (L2, L3)
  3. Hip Abduction

    Name the Primary Movers
    Name the Assistors
    • Primary: Glutues Medius
    • TFL
    • Assistors: Glutues Minimus
  4. Hip Crossed Adduction

    Name the Primary Mover
    Name the Assistors
    • Primary: Adductor Magnus, Brevis, & Longus
    • Satorius, Pectineus, Gracillis

    Assistors: None
  5. Hip Hyperextension

    Name the primary movers
    Name the Assistors
    • Primary: Gluteus Maximus
    • Hamstrings

    Assistors: None
  6. What Nerve Innvervates Glutues Maxmius
    Inferior Gluteal
  7. Name the Nerve that innervates the Glutues Minimus
    Superior Gluteal
  8. What never innverates the Hamstrings

    (L5, S1, S2)
  9. What Nerve innvervates the Adductors Muscle and Gracilias
    Obturator Nerve
  10. What nerve innervates the Pectineus
  11. Hip Internal Rotation

    Primary Movers
    • Primary: Glutues Minimus
    • TFL

    • Assistors: Glutues Mediues
    • Pectineus
    • Adductor Longues
  12. What nerve innverates the TFL
    Superior Gluteal
  13. Hip External Rotation

    Primary Movers
    • Primary: Obturator Externus & Internus
    • Gemellus Inferior & Superior
    • Quadratus Femoris
    • Periformis

    no assistors
  14. What muscle does Hip Flexion ,abduction and external Rotation?
  15. Knee Flexion

    Primary Mover?

    • Assistors: Satorius
    • Gastrocnemius
    • Popliteus
  16. What nerve innvervates the Satorius
  17. What Nerve innvervates the Knee Flexors
    • Portion of the
    • Tibia
    • Sciatic
    • Common peroneal
  18. What are your Knee extensors?
  19. What makes up the sciatic nerve
    Tibal an Common Peroneal nerve
  20. Femoral Nerve Innvervates what muscles
    • Illiopsoas
    • Satorius
    • pectinues
    • Quadricep femoris

    (book page 69)
  21. Obturator Nerve Innvervates what Muscles?
    • Hip Adductors
    • Obuturator externus
  22. Inferior Glutues Nerve Innvervates what Muscle?
    Glutues Maximus
  23. Superior Glutues Nerve innverates what Muscle?
    • Glutues Medius
    • &
    • Glutues Minimus
    • &
    • TFL
  24. Plantar Flexion

    Primary Movers
    • primary: Gastrocnemius
    • Solues
    • Assistors: Tibilais Posterior
    • pernoeus Longus/Brevis
    • Olantaris
  25. What muscle does Ankle Dorsi Flexion & Inversion
    Tibialis Anterior
  26. Ankle Inversion
    Tibialis Posterior

    • Assistors: Gastrocnemius (Medial head)
    • Flexor Hallucis Longus
    • Flexor Digitorum Longus
  27. Ankle Foot Eversion
    • Peroneus Longus & Brevis
    • Assistors: Peroneus Tertius
    • Extensor Digitorum Longus
  28. What muscle innvervates Tibial Nerve?
    • Ankle Plantar Flexors
    • Tibials Posterior
    • Poplitues
  29. What muscle Innvervates Superficial Peroneal Nerve?
    Peroneus Longus and Brevis
  30. According to the ROM bible, the Deep Peroneal Never innvervates what muscle?
    Tibialis Anterior
  31. What Nerve Innvervates the Vastas Medialis

  32. Name the Nerve that Innverates the Gastrocnemius
    Tibial Nerve

  33. What nerve innverates the Soleus
    Tibial Nerve

    (S1, S2)
  34. What Nerve does the Peroneus Longus and Brevis
    Superficial Peroneal Nerve

    (L5, S1)
  35. Deep Peroneal Nerve Innvervates what MUSCLE
    Tibialis Anterior
  36. Tibialis Posterior Does what action?
    Ankle foot Inversion
  37. Perioneal brevis and Longus muscles, does what primary action?
    Name that nerve that innvervates it
    • Ankle Eversion
    • &
    • Superfacial Peroneal Nerve
    • (L5,S1)
  38. Tibialis Anterior does what primary Action?
    Ankle/Foot Dorsi Flexion and Inversion?
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