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  1. What is the Sanskrit and common name of the Chakra that relates to the colors green and pink?
    Anahatra (unstruck/unstuck?), Heart Chakra
  2. Where is the location of the Heart Chakra?
    In the chest near the Heart
  3. What is the symbol of the Heart Chakra?
    A six pointed star inside of a circle with 12 lotus petals
  4. What are the central issues with the Heart Chakra?
    Love, unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness, relationships, intimacy, devotion, depression and loneliness
  5. What colors relate to the Heart Chakra?
    Green and Pink
  6. What essential oils relate to the Heart Chakra?
    Sandalwood, rose, cedar wood
  7. What crystals and stones correlate with the Heart Chakra?
    Rose quartz, emerald, jade, aventurine, malachite, rhodonite
  8. What planets and astrological symbols correlate with the Heart Chakra?
    Planets Venus, Saturn, Sun and the signs Libra, Leo and Sagittarius
  9. What sound or mantra goes with the Heart Chakra?
  10. What sense relates to the Heart Chakra?
  11. What body does the Heart Chakra relate to?
    The feeling body
  12. What orientation to self does the Heart Chakra have?
  13. What goals does the Heart Chakra have?
    Stability, trust, physical health, prosperity, grounding
  14. What rights does the Heart Chakra hold?
    The right to love and be loved
  15. When is the developmental stage of the Heart Chakra?
    4 to 7 years of age
  16. What identity does the Heart Chakra have?
    Social Identity
  17. What is the level of relationship that the Heart Chakra have?
    Loving relationships with significant others, with oneself and with all life
  18. What vice relates to the Heart Chakra?
  19. What element relates to the Heart Chakra?
  20. What hormone glands relate to the Heart Chakra?
    The thymus gland
  21. What organs relate to the Heart Chakra?
    Heart and circulatory system, lungs, bronchial tubes, shoulders and arms, diaphragm, thymus gland, the immune system, the skin, the upper back
  22. When the Heart Chakra is excessive what symptoms may occur?
    Demanding, jealousy, co-dependency, poor boundaries, overly sacrificing, possessive
  23. When the Heart Chakra is deficient what symptoms may occur?
    Antisocial, withdrawn, cold, shy, critical, judgmental, intolerant, loneliness, depression, fear of intimacy and relationships, lack of empathy, narcissism, bitter
  24. When the Heart Chakra is balanced what symptoms may occur?
    Compassionate, loving, self-loving, empathetic, peaceful, balanced, good immune system
  25. When the Heart Chakra is blocked what physical dysfunctions may occur?
    Disorders of the heart, lungs, thymus, breast, arms, asthma, allergy, circulation problems, immune system deficiency, tension between shoulder blades
  26. What kind of addictions may occur when the Heart Chakra is blocked?
    Tobacco (smoking), sugar, love, marijuana
  27. What kind of traumas and abuses can cause the Heart Chakra to become blocked?
    Rejection, abandonment, loss, shaming, constant criticism, abuses to lower chakras, unacknowledged grief, divorce, death, conditional love, loveless environment, sexual and physical abuse, betrayal
  28. What spritiual challenges does the Heart Chakra have?
    To learn compassion, the value of forgiveness, unconditional love
  29. What are some healing strategies for the Heart Chakra?
    Self-discovery, codependency work, forgiveness, inner child work, work with arms, reaching out, taking in, breathing exercise
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