MUS 390 Exam 2

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  1. List and describe 4 controls used in a compressor:
    • - Attack: how quickly compression kicks in
    • - Release: how quickly compression lets go
    • - Threshold: point where compression kicks in once sound crosses that point
    • - Auto: allows compressor to do what it thinks best with attack/release
  2. List and describe 3 types of compressors:
    • - Digital: recreates compressor types
    • - Tube: colors sound immediately
    • - Optical: flashes light based on amplitude to control dynamics
  3. At what ratio does a compressor become a limiter?
  4. Why and how to use a compressor for safety:
    • Safety compression is used to increase volume and decrease distrotion.
    • To use a compressor for safety:
    • - 4:1 ratio
    • - fast attack
    • - medium release
    • - +24db headroom
    • - -6db threshold
  5. De-esser?
    Frequency specific compression; frequently used on vocals
  6. What is smoothing?
    Compensation for changes in volume due to the human aspect (inexperience, fatigue, etc.)
  7. Best initial approach to EQ:
    Reduction; decide what you want to remove.
  8. A/B?
    Turn changes on and off.
  9. What is parallel compression?
    Reduces the dynamic range by bringing up the softest sounds.
  10. Shelving?
    globally boost or cut frequency
  11. Filters?
    Cut out frequencies from certain spots
  12. What 3 equalization controls are always available?
    • - Frequency: pitch/Hz
    • - Q/Bandwidth: harmonics/overtone
    • - Gain: volume
  13. Usually cut out vocals below...

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