Athletic Training

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  1. Quadriceps Contusion
    • severe impact to relaxed thigh
    • pain, temp. loss of function, immediate swelling
    • RICE, NSAIDS, pad , ROM within pain free
  2. Myositis Ossificans
    • improper care of thigh contusion, many blows to area
    • acute inflammation following initial hemorrhage
    • rest, possible surgery
  3. Quad Strains
    • sudden stretch or contraction
    • point tenderness, pain, spasm, loss of function
    • RICE, possible crutches, rehab of isometric exercises
  4. Hamstring Strain
    • improper stretching, imbalance between ham & quad
    • point tenderness, pain, spasm, loss of function
    • initial ice pack, compression wrap, cut back explosive activities
  5. Functions of pelvis
    • support spine and trunk
    • transfer weight to lower extremities
    • protection
  6. Hip pointer
    • blow to iliac crest causes severe pinching to soft tissue
    • immediate pain, spasm, unable to rotate trunk
    • cold, pressure immediately, x-ray
  7. What is the strongest joint in body?
  8. What is the strongest ligament in the body?
    iliofemoral ligament (Y)
  9. Pubofemoral ligament
    prevents excessive abduction
  10. Ischiofemoral ligament
    prevents excessive internal rotation and adduction
  11. Muscles of the Groin
    • iliopsoas
    • rectus femoris
    • adductors
  12. Groin strain
    • overextension, running, jumping, twist with external rotation
    • pain, weakness, internal hemorrhage
    • intermittent ice, pressure wrap, rest for 48-72 hours
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