Skin Disorders (Peds)

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  1. Diaper Rash
    • most common form of rash
    • fungal- results from antibiotic therapy
    • 35% of kids have some type of diaper rash
    • worse for 9-12 months
  2. 3 Factors of Diaper Rash
    • wetness
    • pH
    • fecal irritants
  3. Nursing for Diaper Rash
    • barriers
    • fungal infection (redness and itching)
  4. Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
    • -dermatologic disease not due to a specific etiology
    • -not contagious
    • -usually starts in infancy and has hereditary tendency
    • -associated with allergies
    • -can be a rash on the face
  5. 3 Factors of Eczema
    • alterations in perspiration
    • peripheral vascular function
    • heat tolerance
  6. Nursing for Eczema
    • skin needs to be hydrated
    • exacerbates in summer and during winter with heater
    • after bath immediately apply lotion (w/i 3 minutes)
    • relieve pruritus- mittens, medications (esp at night)
    • reduce flare-ups/inflammation-slow introduction of foods, avoid irritants (clothes, toys, etc)
    • prevent and control secondary infections
  7. Pediculosis Capitis (Lice)
    • parasite that sucks blood from head
    • life span 1 month; however, only lives 48 hrs when not on host
    • eggs (nits) hatch after 7-10 days
    • removal with pesticides, nits are removed w/ fine comb
    • to get rid of lice clean anything with head contact
    • getting lice is not due to being dirty or poor; anyone can get lice
    • can go back to school after one tx
    • occipital area, nape of the nape, behind ears
  8. Scabies
    • parasite that burrows uder top layer of skin to lay eggs and bury feces causing severe itching and maculopapular lesions
    • takes 30-60 days for itching and lesions to show after exposure
    • treated with medicated ointment and cleaning of all bedding
    • Children under 2: feet and ankles
    • Children older than 2: between fingers and wrists, under arms and inguinal region
  9. Burns
    • children <2 yrs work-up for abuse
    • scale burn most common burn <4 yrs
    • males (2-5yrs) greatest risk for playing w/ matches (cause 1 in 10 house fires)
    • swelling from burns will not occur until later
  10. Types of Burns
    • scald
    • sunburn
    • electrical
    • chemical
    • radiation- usually due to txs
  11. Basic Burn Care
    • Stop burning process
    • Maintian airway
    • Protection of burn area/infection
    • Pain (insert IV-morphine)
    • Fluids- kids have a greater risk for dehydration
    • Family- guilt and anger
    • Long Term Emotional Care
  12. Kids: "Rule of 1"
    palm of hand = 1%
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