Chemistry Notes {Periodic Table}

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    Periodic Table
    Elements are arranged in the order of increasing proton number .
  2. Groups
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    Period {vertical}
    All the elements in the same period use the same number of electron shells

    Group - {horizontal}
    The elements in a group have similar chemical properties due to the same number of valance electrons in the valence shell
  3. Physical Properties of Metals
    - High melting and boiling points
    - Good conductor of electricity and heat
    - Malleable and ductile
    - Silvery appearance
  4. Pysical Properties of Non-Metals
    - Low melting and boiling points
    - Good insulator of electricity and heat
    - Brittle in solid state
    - Variety of colours
  5. Chemical Properties of Metals
    - Form basic oxide generally which reacts with acids to form salt and water
    - Form positive ions by losing electrons
    - Form ionic compounds when combines with non-metallic elements
  6. Chemical Properties of Non-Metals
    - Form acidic oxide generally which reacts with alkalis to form salt and water
    - Form negative ions by gaining electrons
    - Form covalent compounds by sharing electrons with non-metallic elements
  7. Group 1 {Alkali Metals}
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