Government - Chapter 4 Vocabulary

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  1. congress
    house of representatives and senate
  2. legislative branch
    has the power to make laws, consist of congress, meets at the US capital, normally in session for 130 - 190 days a year
  3. house of representatives
    435 members, number of representatives based on state's population, serves 2 terms
  4. requirements to be a representative
    25 years old, US citizen for at least 7 years, legal resident of the state where elected
  5. gerrymandering
    party that has conrol in state legislature, draws district boundaries to gain advantage in elections
  6. requirements to be a senetor
    30, US citizen of at least 9 years, legal resident of the state where elected
  7. characteristics of congressman
    half are lawyers, white, middle-aged, man
  8. fillbuster
    continuing to talk until a majority of the senate agrees to abandon or modify the bill
  9. cloture
    3/5 of the senate vote and give only one hour for each senetor to speak
  10. standing committee
    continue from session to session
  11. subcommittee
    specialize in a subcategory of the standing committee
  12. select committee
    study one specific issue
  13. joint committee
    includes members from both the house and senate
  14. speaker of the house
    leader of the majority party, decides who speaks, what committees bills go to, schedules bills
  15. majority leader
    speakers top assistant
  16. whips
    assistant floor leaders, assist in managing legislative programs
  17. vice president
    head of the senate, has the deciding vote in the event of a tie
  18. debt ceiling
    the legal limit on borrowing by the federal government
  19. steps to becoming a law
    • 1. house / senate
    • 2. committee
    • 3. floor
    • 4. house / senate
    • 5.
    • 6. president
  20. the presidents cabinet
    the advisory board or group that helps the president make decisions and set government policy
  21. jurisdiction
    the authority to hear certain kinds of cases
  22. concurrent jurisdiction
    when both federal and state courts have jurisdiction
  23. trial courts
    where cases are originally heard
  24. appellate courts
    where cases are appealed
  25. civil law
    disputes between 2 individuals
  26. criminal law
    the US government charges someone with breaking a federal law
  27. constitutional law
    relates to the meaning and application of the constitution
  28. equal justice under the law
    everyone treaked alike
  29. adversary system
    the courtroom in an arena where lawyers present their strongest case
  30. due process of law
    apply law in a fair manner
  31. judicial review
    power to examine laws and actions of government
  32. interpretation
    determine the meaning of laws
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