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AP English 4
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  1. anonymous
    • having unknown or withheld authorship or agency, having unknown or unacknowledged name
    • lacking individuality, distinction, or recognizability
  2. cognomen
    • a name, especially a descriptive nickname acquired through usage
    • a family name; a surname
  3. denomination
    • the name of a class or group; a name, designation
    • the act of naming
    • an organized group of religious congregations
    • a class of units having specified values
  4. homonym
    • one of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning
    • i.e bear and bare
  5. ignominy
    • great personal dishonor or humiliation
    • shameful or disgraceful action, conduct, or character
  6. metonymy
    a figure of speech in which an attribute or commonly associated freature is used to name or designate something
  7. misnomer
    • a name wrongly or unsuitably applied to a person, place, or thing
    • an error in naming a person or place
  8. nomenclature
    a system of names used in the arts and sciences
  9. nominal
    • existing in name only and not in actuality
    • insignificantly small
    • of, like, or pertaining to a name or names; bearing a person's name
  10. renown
    the quality of being widely honored and acclaimed; fame
  11. convivial
    • sociable; fond of feasting and good company
    • festive
  12. ebullience
    the quality of expressing feelings or ideas in an enthusiastic and lively manner; exuberance
  13. felicitous
    • well chosen; apt
    • yielding great pleasure or delight
  14. irascible
    • prone to outbursts or temper; easily angered
    • characterized by or resulting from anger
  15. placid
    • having an undisturbed surface or aspect; outwardly calm or composed
    • self satisfied
  16. querulous
    • given to complaining; peevish
    • expressing or showing a complaint
  17. sardonic
    scornfully mocking and derisive
  18. surly
    sullenly ill-humored; gruff
  19. truculent
    • savage and cruel; fierce
    • disposed to fight; pugnacious
  20. unctuous
    • characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness
    • having the quality or characteristics of oil or ointment; greasy
  21. audacious
    • fearlessly daring; bold
    • unrestrained by what is considered acceptable or appropriate; insolent
  22. contumacy
    obstinate or contemptuous resistance to authority; stubborn rebelliousness; insubordination
  23. dour
    • marked by stubborn sternness or harshness; forbidding
    • silently ill-humored; glum
  24. éclat
    • great brilliance, as of performance or achievement
    • conspicuous success
    • great acclamation or applause
  25. indefatigable
    incapable of being fatigued; tireless
  26. irresolute
    undecided or uncertai as to action or procedure; vacillating
  27. obdurate
    • not giving in to persuasion; inflexible
    • hardened against feeling; hardhearted
    • hardened in wrongdoing or wickedness
  28. obsequious
    excessively eager to serve, obey, or ingratiate oneself; fawning
  29. pertinacity
    • the quality or state of holding firmly to a purpose, belief, or opinion
    • stubborn persistence
  30. stoic
    • seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive
    • a member of a greek school or philosophy, founded by Zeno in 308 BC. holding that human beings should calmly accept all occurrences as the unavoidable result of fate

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