Biology 112

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  1. Histology
    Study of Biological Tissues
  2. Muscle Tissue
    Allows movement by transferring force to skeletal system
  3. Nervous Tissue
    sends signals for processing and movement
  4. Epithelial Tissue
    covers surfaces and cavities
  5. Connective Tissue
  6. Loose Fibrous Connective
    has fibroblast cells in a jelly-like matrix. Is found in lungs, arteries, and bladder(where it allows for expansion)
  7. Adipose Tissue
    Has fibroblast cells a jelly-like matrix, however there is very little matrix in adipose tissue. Its main function is to store fat in the body. It is found beneath the skin and around the heart and kidneys.
  8. Dense Fibrous Connective Tissue
    Has Fibroblast cells in a jelly-like matrix. This type has many collagen fibers packed together and is found in tendons and ligaments.
  9. Hyaline Cartilage
    matrix is formed by chondroblasts and chondrocytes. This type has only fine collagen fibers and is found in the nose, ribs, and walls of respiratory passages. They occur in pairs.
  10. Elastic Cartilage
    Matrix is formed by Chondroblasts and Chondrocytes. This type has more elastic fibers and is found in the outer ear. Cell shape is irregular and packed closely.
  11. Fibrocartilage
    matrix is formed by chondroblasts and chondrocytes. This type has a matrix with strong collagen fibers and is found in the disks between the vertebrae and knee joints. Cells are dotted in matrix and irregular.
  12. Bone
    gets its rigidity from calcium salts deposited around protein fibers. The matrix is formed by cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
  13. Compact bone
    the shaft along bones and is composed of structures called osteons.
  14. Spongy Bone
    this is the terminal ends of bones and stlll rigid
  15. Blood
    composed of plasma(fluid portion of blood), platelets(proteins involved in clotting), red blood cells, or erythrocytes(carry oxygen) and white blood cells, or lymphocytes(fight infection)
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