Marketing 13

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  1. Marketing Channels
    a set of interdependent organizations that ease the transfer of ownership as products move from producer to business user or consumer
  2. channel members
    all parties in the marketing channel that negotiate with one another, buy and sell products, and facilitate the change of ownership between buyer and seller in the course of moving the product from the manufacturer into the hands of the final customer
  3. How channel members add value
    • -fewer contacts
    • -match product assortment demand with supply
    • -bridge, time, place, and possession gaps that separate products from users.
  4. Retailer
    a channel intermediary that sells mainly to customers
  5. Merchant Wholesaler
    an institution that buys goods from manufacturers, takes title to goods, stores them, and resells and ships them
  6. Agents and Brokers
    Wholesaling intermediaries who facilitate the sale of a product by representing channel members
  7. Direct Channel
    distribution channel where producers sell directly to consumers
  8. Channel Power
    a channel member's capacity to control or influence the behavior of other channel members
  9. Channel Control
    a situation that occurs when one marketing channel member intentionally affects another member's behavior
  10. Channel Leader
    a member of a marketing channel that exercises authority/power over the activities of other members
  11. Intensive Distribution
    a form of distribution aimed at having a product available in every outlet
  12. Selective Distribution
    form of distribution achieved by screening dealers to eliminate all but a few in any single area
  13. Exclusive Distribution
    form of distribution that established one or a few dealers within a given area
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