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  1. Which tumor metastasizes in fish?
    Aflatoxin, Aspergillus flavus
  2. What causes superficial lesions in carp?
    Carp Pox (Herpes)
  3. Which layer of the skin has the greatest mitotic activity?
    Outter Epidermis
  4. What causes a loss of scales and color in trout?
    Strawberry Dz
  5. Pale Gills=
    • Anemia
    • Epithelial Hypoplasia
    • Vascular Shutdown (bacterial gill Dz)
  6. Dark Gills=
    • High Blood Flow
    • Infarction
    • Resp Dz
  7. Excess mucous on the gills is caused by:
    • Chemicals
    • Parasites
  8. Respiratory Distress Syndrome=
    • Low [O2] conditions
    • More E is expended trying to extract O2, than that which is available
  9. Foaming of water is an indication of…
    Mucous Production due to parasites or bacteria
  10. What gill disease/disorder is commonly seen in intensively reared fish?
    Opercular Erosion
  11. Fish version of Mast Cells=
    Eosinophillic Granular Cells
  12. Chloride Cells=
    Salt Secreting cells within the mucoid epidermis of gill filaments
  13. What damages Chloride Cells?
    • Nitrate
    • Cadmuim
  14. The type of gill lesion is an indication of…
    Clinical Response
  15. Pantothenic Acid Deficiency =
    Hyperplasia of distal 1/3 of gill
  16. Notifiable/Reportable Dz’s (7):
    • Epizootic Haemotopoietic Necrosis
    • Infectious Haemotopoietic Necrosis
    • Spring Viremia of Carp
    • Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia
    • Oncorhynchus Masous Virus
    • Infectious Salmon Anemia
  17. What “Low temp Dz” is seen in the Great Lakes?
    Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia
  18. What low temp dz primarily affects Carp?
    • Spring Viremia of Carp
    • (Rhabdovirus carpio)
  19. What tends to be a secondary invader of Koi Herpesvirus?
    Columnarius Dz
  20. Which virus causes NONpathologic cytomegaly & skin lesions, but pathologic secondary infections?
  21. Alpha virus causes….
    • Pancreas Dz in Salmon
    • Sleeping Dz in Trout
  22. What causes degeneration of the brain and retina?
    VER, or Nodovirus
  23. Which virus causes degeneration of the pancreas, and cardiomyopathy (which leads to illness)
    Pancreas/Sleeping Dz
  24. What causes Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy?
  25. Cardiomyopathy Syndrom is characterized by:
    • Ruptured Atrium (spongy)
    • Hemorrhages
    • Inflammtion (spongy)
  26. Goiter is often seen in fish located…
    Great Lakes
  27. White Spot/Ich is caused by…
    Ichtyophthirius multifilis
  28. Flashing is a C/S of…
  29. What Pathogen is found within the cart of young fish?
    • Myxobolus cerebralis, Whirling Dz
  30. What parasite disease leads to death from anemia? Pathogens?
    • Proliferative Kidney Dz
    • Tetra bryosalmonae
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