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  1. osney cres
    busby pl/ gainsford st
  2. texture restaurant
    portman street
  3. mornington crescent
    hampstead road -lol, l&r harrington square, l/r hampstead road
  4. greater london house
    hampstead road. t/a: lol, r&r harrington square, l hampstead road
  5. ramsay hall
    maple street- sdol just past fitzroty st. lol r whitfield street or f university st, l tott ct rd
  6. angola embassy
    dorset street - sdol from gloucester place before baker street
  7. rubens restaurant
    baker street- sdor before dorset street
  8. galvin restaurant
    baker street- sdol just past dorset st. lol 1st l/r blandford street
  9. chalfont court
    baker st sdol opposite sherlock holmes museum
  10. hertford house
    manchester sq -(wallace collection)
  11. mostyn hotel
    bryanston street
  12. thistle marble arch hotel
    bryanston street
  13. duke of york square
    kings road
  14. royal thames yacht club
    knightsbridge- access all areas
  15. national geographic sw1
    brompton road - opposite harrods
  16. collection restaurant
    brompton road - next to pelham st/ sloane ave
  17. aubaine restaurant sw3
    brompton road - next to pelham st/ sloane ave
  18. cadogan gate
    sloane st/ cadogan sq
  19. 11 hotel and club
    cadogan gardens
  20. cadogan hall
    sloane terrace
  21. chelsea old town hall
    kings road
  22. raffles restaurant
    kings road- just before paultons sq
  23. la famiglia restaurant
    langton street -off kings road
  24. beaufort house
    beaufort street / near to kings road/ opposite blue bird club
  25. under the bridge club
    fulham road/ stamford bridge
  26. water rat pub
    (now called osteria dell arancio pub) millman st -sdol in.... lol millman st, r ann lane, l/r kings road
  27. marriot kensington hotel
    cromwell road/ knaresbourough place out
  28. atrium restaurant
    marriot kensington hotel- cromwell road/ knaresborough place out
  29. best western burns hotel
    barkston gardens
  30. kensington hotel
    queens gate- sdol down right at bottom
  31. regency hotel
    queens gate- sdol in from old brompton road @ bottom end
  32. mayfair hotel
    stratton street- berkley street, mayfair place in
  33. nobu berkely restaurant
    berkeley street - sdol down
  34. novikov bar
    berkeley street- sdor down
  35. james j fox cigars
    st james's street- sdol just last ryder street down
  36. stradstone jaguar
    berkeley street- sdol down
  37. economist building
    st james's street- sdol down, just before ryder street
  38. truefitt hill+ gentlemans barbers
    st james's street - sdol up from pall mall bottom end
  39. ormond yard
    duke of york street -west side
  40. spencer house museum
    st james's place - sdol in
  41. royal ocean racing club
    st james's place -facing right down end past stafford hotel
  42. apple tree yard
    duke of york street- east side
  43. century club
    shaftesbury avenue - sdol up just past wardour street. lol 1st left dean street
  44. blacksmith + toffee maker pub
    st john street -sdol n bound just above spencer street
  45. golden nuggett casino
    shaftesbury avenue - sdol southbound near to before wardour st
  46. wilton sq
    baring street
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