Geology Exam 3

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  1. If a country is enriching uranium it means:
    • a. They are developing a nuclear weapon
    • b. they are making a nuclear reactor for electricity
    • c. They are developoing medical isotopes
    • d. We don't really know the specifics of what they are doing
  2. The burning of which of the fuels produces the worst acid rain over wide areas:
    • a. Natural gas
    • b. Coal
    • c. Gasoline
    • d. Fuel Oil
  3. Which country has the greatest proven oil reserves?
    Saudi Arabia
  4. Which will float on top in a hydrocarbon trap?
  5. Most coal formation requires all of the following except:
    • a. rising sea level
    • b. low oxygen level in the water
    • c. animals
    • d. plants
  6. Rock with the highest porosity and permeability from which we pump oil:
    Reservoir Rock
  7. The country that has the lowest use of energy per capita:
  8. The major source of electricity in the US:
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