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  1. andar en partineta
    to skateboard
  2. bucear
    to scuba dive
  3. escalar montanas
    to climb mountains
  4. escribir una carta
    to write a letter
  5. escribir un mensaje
    to write an e-mail message
  6. esquiar
    to sky
  7. ganar
    to win
  8. ir de excursion
    to go on a hike
  9. leer correo electronico
    to read e-mail
  10. leer un preiodico
    to read a newspaper
  11. leer una revisita
    to read a magazine
  12. nadar
    to swim
  13. pasear
    to take a wallk; to stroll
  14. pasear en bicicleta
    to ride a bicycle
  15. patinar (en linea)
    to (in-line) skate
  16. practicar deportes
    to play sports
  17. tomar el sol
    to sunbathe
  18. ver peliculas
    to see movies
  19. visitar monumentos
    to visit monuments
  20. la diversion
    • fun activity;
    • entertainment
    • recreation
    • weekend pastime; hobby
    • spare (free) time
    • video game
  21. el fin de semana
  22. el pasatiempo
    pastime; hobby
  23. los ratos libres
    spare (free) time
  24. el veieojuejo
    video game

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Spanish vocabulary 4_Vocabulario p150
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