Exam 3- PSB

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  1. in spinal cord and brainstem are targets of CNS pathways
    Lower motor neurons
  2. One theory of basal
    ganglia function is that these nuclei regulate the ____ of
    cortical neuronal discharge.
    Rate and timing
  3. Excitatory inputs enter the cerebellar cortex via
    inferior and middle cerebellar peduncle.
  4. Inhibitory outputs to cerebellar nuclei are projected by
    purkinje cells
  5. Outputs from the cerebellum to the cerebral cortex project via
    the superior cerebellar peduncle
  6. Impairments in egocentric disorientation, which describes the inability
    to represent object location with respect to the self, is associated with
    damage to
    posterior parietal cortex
  7. The inability to use major landmarks to navigate, associated with
    damming to lingual gyrus, is termed
    landmark agnosia
  8. Heading disorientation, the inability to represent direction of
    orientation in respect to one’s own environment, is associated with damage to
    posterior cingulate gyrus
  9. ____
    ____describes spatial
    navigation using information about distance and direction traveled with
    reference to a fixed starting point
    dead reckoning
  10. The hippocampus is located in the
    medial temporal lobe
  11. ___fire when the animal is in a particular location
    Place cells
  12. Grid cells have been found in the ______ cortex of the
  13. The establishment of grid cell firing patterns appears to require
  14. Phoneme is the term that describes
    a sound unit of speech
  15. The classic model of language assumes a fundamental distinction between
    production and comprehension
  16. The procedure in which sodium amobarbital is injected into one carotid artery is often referred to as
    Wada procedure
  17. o
    Evidence from TMS suggests that speech
    perception, in addition to involving regions for auditory perception, also involves brain regions typically associated with_____
    speech production
  18. Like the visual system, one model of language emphasizes the processing of speech through
    dorsal and ventral streams
  19. Articulation and articulatory planning likely involves the following brain regions:
    • Posterior and inferior frontal gyrus
    • Anterior insula
    • Cerebellum
    • Ventral premotor cortex
    • Supramarginal gyrus
    • Supplementary motor cortex
    • Primary motor cortex
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