Planes,Direction, Cavities

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  1. Superior
    above or higher position
  2. Inferior
    Below or lower
  3. Ventral/Anterior
    located toward the belly surface or front of body
  4. Dorsal/Posterior
    Located nearer the back. Opposite of Ventral/Anterior
  5. Cranial
    nearer the head
  6. Caudal
    nearer the sacral region of spinal column
  7. Medial
    nearer the imaginary line that runs down middle of body or nearer the sagittal plane.
  8. Lateral
    farther from midline, toward the sides of body.
  9. Proximal
    nearest the origin of a structure.
  10. Distal
    farthest from the point of origin.
  11. Frontal/Coronal Plane
    dividing the body into a front and back or ventral and dorsal or anterior and posterior
  12. Sagittal Plane
    divisions of R and L. related w/ directional terms of Lateral anf Medial referrences.)
  13. Transverse Plane
    divisions of top and bottom halves. referrenced w/directional terms of Superior and Inferior
  14. Ventral/Abdominopelvic Cavity
    divided into two sections. abdominal cavity and the pelvic cavity
  15. Thoracic Cavity
    mediastinum, pleural cavity, pericardial cavity
  16. Pericardial Cavity
    contains heart
  17. Pleural Cavity
    contains lungs
  18. 9 regions of abd
    R&L Hypochondriac, R&L Lumbar, R&L Iliac, Epigastric, Umbilical, Hypogastric
  19. Dorsal/Posterior Cavity
    Cranial Cavity, Spinal Cavity
  20. Cranial Cavity
    Contains Brain
  21. Spinal Cavity
    Contains Spinal cord
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