B737-Fire Protection

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  1. How is an ENG OVERHEAT condition indicated?
    MASTER CAUTION, OVHT/DET annunciator & associated ENG OVERHEAT lights illuminate.
  2. What does an illuminated fire control panel FAULT light indicate when no fire test is being performed?
    Both loops on one engine have failed in the dual loop position (NORMAL) or selected single loop on an engine has failed.
  3. The FAULT light illuminates on the engine fire control panel with no fire test being performed. Are there any other lights or indications?
    No, no additional indications are triggered with a FAULT light on.
  4. What are the power sources for engine fire detection & extinguishing?
    Detection-Battery bus; extinguishing-Hot Battery bus
  5. How many bottles are available for each engine?
    Two bottles available for EITHER engine.
  6. How is the squib on an engine fire extinguisher armed?
    Pulling the fire switch arms the squib.

    BIG HAF: bleed, ign, gen, hyd, arm, fuel SOV, disarm hyd lo press lt, lockout TR
  7. How are the engine fire warning switches (red handles) released?
    Released by overheat fire or manually.
  8. How is the engine fire extinguisher bottle discharged?
    Pull illuminated fire warning switch up, rotate either to the left or right.
  9. What does an illuminated BOTTLE DISCHARGED light indicate?
    Extinguisher bottle has discharged.
  10. What is the function of the OVHT/FIRE position of the FIRE TEST switch? (Normal AC Power on the generator buses)
    Test all aircraft fire and overheat detector loops.
  11. During an extinguisher sstem test (squib test) what does an engine fire extinguisher illuminated green EXT TEST light indicate?
    Discharge circuit test is normal for respective extinguisher bottle.
  12. Describe the APU fire detection system?
    Single loop system for fire or fault detection.
  13. What does an illuminated APU DET INOP light indicate when no fire warning test is being performed?
    Failure in the APU fire detector loop.
  14. What occurs when an APU fire condition is detected? (cockpit only)
    APU fire warning & master FIRE warning lights illuminate and fire bell sounds in cockpit and APU shuts down.
  15. What are the initial indications of a fire at the APU Ground Control Panel? (on the ground)
    Flashing Fire Warning light and intermittent horn.
  16. In the event of an APU fire warning, what occurs when a cockpit FIRE warning bell cut-out switch or the APU Ground Control Panel (GCP) HORN CUTOUT button is pressed?
    Cockpit fire bell and GCP horn are silenced, GCP illuminated steady.
  17. How is the APU extinguiser bottle discharged from APU Ground Control Panel?
    Pull fire control handle, then activate discharge switch.
  18. Describe the WHEEL WELL fire warning system.
    No. 1 AC Transfer bus powers single loop detector
  19. How is a WHEEL Well fire indicated?
    WHEEL WELL fire & master FIRE warning lights illuminate with steady fire bell.
  20. TRUE or FALSE

    A smoke detection and fire suppression system is installed in the cargo comparment of the B737-300/500 aircraft.
  21. How is discharge of a lavatory fire extinguisher determined?
    Bottle nozzle tips change to an aluminum color.
  22. When the fire control panel test switch is placed to the FAULT/INOP position, which lights should illuminate?
    Two MASTER CAUTION lights, the OVHT/DET annunciator, the FAULT light and the APU DET/INOP light
  23. If, during the FAULT/INOP test the FAULT light does not come on:
    The engine fault detection system has failed.
  24. The engine fire panel FAULT light illuminates during an overheat/fire test. What does this indicate?
    At least one engine has a faulty loop.
  25. TRUE or FALSE

    On arrival at the aircraft you find the FAULT light illuminated prior to any system test. The loop selector switches are in the NORMAL position. Both fire warning loops on- on engine have failed.
  26. In flight with dual loop configuration selected, you observe the FAULT light illuminated on the fire warning panel. What has happened?
    Both loops on one engine have failed.
  27. Engine fire detection is powered from the:
    Battery bus
  28. Engine and APU fire extinguishing is powered from the:
    Hot Battery bus
  29. TRUE or FALSE

    If a fire is detected in the APU, the APU shuts down, the fire bottle discharges, and the fire bell silences after the fire bottle is discharged automatically.
  30. TRUE or FALSE

    The WHEEL WELL fire detection system is DC powered.
  31. In flight, what happens if a single engine fire detector loop fails during dual loop operation?
    The loop is automatically deselected and fire warning capability is not lost on that engine.
  32. OVRHT/DET annunciator and the MASTER CAUTION lights are (triggered) by:
    The APU DET INOP light or an engine OVERHEAT light.
  33. The Fire control panel FAULT light illuminates:
    During the FAULT/INOP test
  34. During the OVHT/FIRE test, the APU fire warning light in the wheel well:
    Illuminates flashing
  35. During the EXTINGUISHER TEST, what do the illuminated green lights on the OVERHEAT/FIRE protection panel indicate?
    The fire extinguisher discharge ciruits are functional.
  36. TRUE or FALSE

    When the lavatory smoke detectors are activated, the FIRE WARN, MASTER CAUTION, and fire annunciator lights illuminate, and the fire bell sounds on the flight deck.
  37. TRUE or FALSE

    The cargo compartment smoke detector and fire suppression system must be verified to be serviced and operational before cargo can be carried in the cargo comparments.
  38. After activation of the cargo fire suppression system the aircraft must land at the nearest suitable airport within ______ minutes of the activation.
    60 minutes
  39. The wheel well detection system displays warnings for ______.
  40. TRUE or FALSE

    There is no fire extinguisher systme for the wheel well area.
  41. TRUE or FALSE

    There is no FAULT warning for a failure of the wheel well fire detector.
  42. The power to the fire extinguisher bottle squibs is provided by the:
    Hot Battery bus
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