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  1. When does the landing gear transer unit operate? (airborne)
    When the gear is down, engine #1 N2 is below a set limit and the gear lever is selected UP.
  2. How is wheel rotation stopped during gear retraction?
    Nose wheel by snubbers and main wheels by auto-hydraulic braking.
  3. How is the landing gear extended manually?
    Individual manual extension handles release up locks.
  4. Which conditions are necessary to use the nose wheel steering?
    "A" system pressurized, gear lever in DOWN position, nosewheel steering switch NORMAL.
  5. Which hydraulic system supplies pressure for normal brakes?
    System "B"for all main wheel brakes.
  6. How does the ANTI-SKID system control normal braking when a single wheel skid is detected?
    Modulates pressure to the individual wheel brake.
  7. TRUE or FALSE

    Autobrakes are available with a system "B" failure as long as the alternate brakes are operational.
  8. What does a momntary AUTO BRAKE DISARM light indicated when RTO mode is selected?
    Successful automatic self-test
  9. What is a successful test of the Autobrake RTO feature indicated by?
    After the RTO position is selected the AUTO BRAKE DISARM light illuminates briefly and extinguishes.
  10. What occurs during a rejected takeoff between 60 and 90 knots with RTO selected?
    Autobrakes will not be applied and AUTO BRAKE DISARM light illuminates.
  11. Autobrakes may be disarmed after landing by:
    • Applying manual brakes
    • Advancing the thrust lever(s) after touchdown
    • Moving the speed brake handle to the down position
  12. What occurs if a landing is made with RTO selected?
    No automatic braking, AUTO BRAKE DISARM light come on.
  13. Which situation would cause the ANTI SKID INOP light to illuminate while setting the parking brake?
    A fault in the parking brake system.
  14. When would braking with only accumulator pressure occur?
    With loss of "A" and "B" system hydraulic pressure.
  15. What is the hydraulic pressure source for the alternate brake system?
    Hydraulic system "A".
  16. How is the alternate brake system activated?
    Automatically when "B" HYD pressure is low.
  17. Is Anti-skid available with the alternate brakes?
  18. Where is the main landing gear "down and locked" viewer located?
    Third window aft of overwing exit on left side of aisle.
  19. While setting the parking brakes, the ANTI SKID INOP ligh illuminates. What does this indicate?
    A malfunction in the parking brake system.
  20. Which hydraulic system powers the auto brakes?
    "B" system
  21. Landing with the AUTO BRAKE switch in the RTO position______.
    Will leave the system disarmed, resulting in no automatic braking.
  22. TRUE or FALSE

    Brakes should not be applied until after touchdown.
  23. A Landing Gear Transfer Unit provides a backup hydraulic power source to________.
    Retract the landing gear in the event #1 engine fails on takeoff.
  24. What is the maximum speed at which the pilot may extend the landing gear?
    270 kts.
  25. Is the RTO position of the Autobrakes required for takeoff if the Autobrakes are operational?
  26. A check of the brake wear indicators is valid when the parking brake is:
    Set with hydraulic pressure.
  27. When the aircraft is towed, the______ should be off or a steering lockout pin must be installed.
    "A" system pressure
  28. With the failure of both "A" and "B" hydraulic systems, approximately what will the brake pressure indicator read when no more accumulator braking is available?
    1000 psi.
  29. What is the maximum nosewheel turning angle in either direction that can be commanded by the rudder pedals?
    7 degrees
  30. In flight, with the landing gear up, a warning horn that can not be silenced with the HORN CUTOUT will sound:
    Anytime the flaps are at 25 degrees.
  31. What is the minimum "wait" time (-500), if the weight exceeds the chart value in the Maximum Quick Turn Around Weight Limits chart?
    53 minutes
  32. What is the maximum speed at which the pilot may retract the landing gear?
    235 kts.
  33. The gear is down and locked with three green lights. What is the speed limit?
    320 kts.
  34. When must the Autobrake RTO feature be selected?
    For all takeoffs with Autobrakes operative.
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