DNA structure and replication, Genetic transcription

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  1. Griffith experiment (2)
    -chemical substance of one cell is capable of genetically transforming another cell

    -transformation factor found that something could turn harmless bacteira pathogenic
  2. Avery experiment: How DNA is transforming substance (2)
    DNase destroyed the transforming substance.

    -transforming substance is DNA
  3. Charge off rule
    the # thiamine mols. = # adenine and # cytosine mols. = # guanine
  4. components of DNA
  5. Semi-conservative replication
    each new double helix contains one original strand and one new strand
  6. UV light effect on DNA (2)
    UV light destroys the DNA

    -kills cells by damaging the DNA
  7. Substitution mutation
    when one base replaces another
  8. deletion mutation
    when a base is left out
  9. What type of mutation is sickle cell?
    base pair substitution
  10. which affects the amino acid combinationg the most Substitution mutation or deletion mutation?
    deletion mutation, It will cause it to throw off the whole function leading to cells quick death
  11. What helps out DNA repairs?
    DNA polymerase removes wrong base and inserts correct one.
  12. tRNA, Transfer RNA
    carry specific amino acids for synthesis of protein

    -key shaped structured
  13. Transcription
    DNA unwinds in certain spots and mRNA is formed. mRNA leaves the nucleus to go to the ribosomes
  14. Translation
    mRNA acts as a template. tRNA brings amino acids to ribosomes where they are added to polypeptide chain

    -protein chain is formed from amino acids using mRNA code, occurs in cytoplasm
  15. Introns
    extraneous nuclear material that does not encode for proteins.

    -are removed
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