6. Global Issues

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  1. Why does the church teach that every person has dignity?
    1. Human person is sacred, unique being and created by God in his image.
  2. What does the church teach about our responsibility towards other people?
    • 1. As a christian, you must love one another.
    • 2. As human's share in God's image, we must work for the common good to benefit other people. (Be selfless)
    • 3. Christians must not be divided by material wealth. God has given humans in the world all the resources to be shared.
  3. What is meant by 'a preferential option for the poor'?
    • 1. Basically, putting the needs of the poor first.
    • 2. Chuch teaches that the poor have the strongest right to our help.
    • 3. Christians can help.. e.g giving to charity.
    • 4. However, people view charity in different ways. Charity could be seen as giving a little bit of wealth to others because we are kind and generous.
    • 5. Others see it differently. The rich have benefited from the wealth that was meant for all, their share is too large.
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